Sunday, September 28, 2008

Chilled weekend

Had a really relaxing weekend. Didn't go out at all in the evening - so I feel fully relaxed for school this week. Friday night was great - take out steak-frites yum! Had 2 early mornings - went to the orphanage on Saturday morning then got up really early to see Gareth running the 4km Vietnam businesses charity run. Everyone in our school came in at a really good time. The winner of the women's race was from BIS and third place too. The men took second and third place as well - everyone is so fit here (except for me). It was so hot and everyone was sweating like mad. Then I went off for lunch with Euan then a practise at school for our band night in the pub next Friday. The teachers stated a band at the end of last term. Anyone who wants to sing gives them their song title and they perfrom at the band night. There are so many musical people in our school. I'm singing for the first time and am very nervous!

Saturday, September 20, 2008

Busy weekend

After lying in bed all last weekend ill and feeling sorry for myself I've had a really busy weekend this week. I feel quite shattered and have to go to school tomorrow. aaarrrgh! On Friday night it was Mexican Independence day - which they celebrated in a bar called Cantina Central. It was great - they even made a pinata.

On Saturday our friends and their new little baby came for sausages sarnies for lunch. Then I went off to play bass guitar with a couple of friends who were looking for someone to play for ages. It was great to do some music stuff.

Last night I had a few people to mine then we went to a new club called the Cage. The interior design was amazing but it was a bit full of posers! So I went off to meet Gareth who was watching football in the pub near our house. Then we wondered home and slept in till far too late. Were off to have lunch later and I fancy mooching around some furniture shops.

Saturday, September 13, 2008

Last weekend

Last weekend we went dancing on Friday night. Gareth and I were very civilised and had cocktails on the roof of the Sheriton Hotel - with a great view across the city. We went to see Janet's husband who was playing in a band at an Irish pub. Then we went to Apocalypse now - a really cheesy night-club. But we did have fun dancing!

I'm feeling very sorry for myself - after staying at school until 8pm twice this week for parent meetings and to catch up on work I have exhausted myself and have come down with a horrible cold. Gareth was out last night and tonight and I am stuck at home coughing and sneezing. Ihate it! Hopefully I should be better for school on Monday.

Tuesday, September 02, 2008

New lamps

We bought a couple of bedside lamps this weekend. I love them. We both chose our own - Gareth's is the Kandinsky one and I think mine is Klimt - not sure! I love the colours - they are very typically Vietnamese laquer work.