Sunday, April 20, 2008

Baaaahhhh jet-lag

Been back at school a week now. It's been really hard to kick the jet-lag and I had a horrible first day at school after only 2 hours sleep. We seem to back on track now and we only have another 7 days at school before we have another 5 day break!

Went out to Ben's (our deputy head) 40th birthday. I wish I had my camera as loads of people were out and it was a real good night. We started in a really nice bar - apparantly where Brad and Angelina hang out when they are here! It used to be a Buddhist temple and is a really amazing place - I will definitely be taking any visitors there. Later we went to La Havana - a Mexican place where they have live music. A good but messy night - especially when someone started buying tequilas. Had a great lunch in town I've eaten my body weight in noodles and pasta. I picked up my mum's painting (above) even got it hung up on the wall. I think it looks really good. Feeling like I have caught a cold now so I am wallowing in self pity while Gareth has run out of patience and is ignoring me!

Tuesday, April 08, 2008

Family Night

Here are a few photos from our chilly stay in London. Last night we had everyone over for bean-jar and chocolate fondue. My diet is officially off and I have a rapidly expanding waist-band. I love visiting the UK but hate having to battle the bulge on my return. Had a very chilled day today. Lots of naps, good food and reading. Just one more day in Guernsey then we have to start heading back to Vietnam. At least we don't start school for another week yet! I must remember we are still on holiday.

Monday, April 07, 2008

Seonaid and Lex's Wedding

We had a great weekend with our friends for their wedding. I was one of the bridesmaids and we all got on so well although we had only met once 9 years ago! We spent the weekend staying in a lovely village pub and getting all glammed up. The 4 bridesmaids' boys got on really well and were more than happy to relax in the beer garden while we got nails and hair etc. done. The wedding day itself was great. Everyone was in high spirits and the day went without a problem. I got to catch up with Gem and Tim so it was really worth coming all the way back from Vietnam for!

Tuesday, April 01, 2008


Back in London and finally feeling like we're getting over jet-lag. It's such a horrible feeling. On Sunday I felt like I'd had a really heavy night out. It was great to be back though and meet up with Seonaid. She is really excited for her wedding this weekend and it gives me an excuse to get myself pampered and take it easy this week!
We went into ton yesterday to the Royal Academy of Arts and saw an exhibition of Art from Russian galleries. Was a bit rah-di-dah in the gallery! I think it was posh-old-ladies' day out. But the exhibition was good and we had a nice lunch and wonder about in the afternoon. I think we must have walked more than most people in London that day and my legs are aching this morning. However, we did sleep really well and woke up at a normal time - so I think we're over the jet-lag. Yey!
I promise I will stop being lazy and take some photos from now on.