Friday, January 30, 2009

Around Malacca

We've been in Malacca now for 5 nights, which really is a little bit too long. It's probably a city worth visiting for 3 nights, but we were not to know that until we had already booked. We do feel like residents and everyone expects us for breakfast or a mid-morning cofee and cake in the various bars and restaurants. It's probably been for the best that we've taken it easy as I've not been good for much other than taking afternoon naps and going to bed early. I still haven't shaken off my cold. Mallaca is a gorgeous old town, which in 10 years is going to look amazing. They are doing up the canal area so that there will be 15km of walking paths along the canal. It's great in most places now but you can see how polished it is going to be in the future.
Gareth showing how much he is loving Malacca! Gareth bought me this lino-cut in Malacca for my birthday. It represents 'completeness'. I was having trouble deciding on prosperity, good health etc and I thought completeness was probably the best we could choose - I also liked the green! I met the guy who made them and he showed me his printing workshop. It reminded me of doing this at school at GCSE and various friends cutting their hands open with the blades. I'm sure health and safety wouldn't allow it now!

Below is a picture of the Chinese New Year paper offerings that they burn in the temples for the gods and their ancestors. They burn replica money, houses, clothes... to bring in good luck in the new year. Here are some tips to stay lucky over the new year:

Do open doors and windows

Do have a VERY clean house

Do eat sweets

Do wear a new pair of slipper that someone has given you - in order to step on people talking badly about you

Don't get a hair cut or buy new shoes

Chuc Mung Nam Moi!

Wednesday, January 28, 2009

Tuesday, January 27, 2009


We're in Melacca in Malaysia now after a couple of nights in Singapore. Singapore is the most expensive place in the world - your money just vanishes. I've had one of the worst colds I've had in years. I have not been so snotty and bunged up in my head for a long time. It sounds like loads of other teachers have had the same - it's typical we all come down with it in our holidays!

Melacca is very pretty. We did the walking tour round the old city today. It is all decorated for the Chinese New Year celebrations this weekend just gone. It's now the year of the ox! We've found some nice little cafes on the canal and have been resting up - reading our books and sleping (me a lot of sleeping!). Our hotel is lovely and comfortable. Over the next few days we plan to go to the beach nearby, go on a canal boat and do some more walking. I will try to take some more pictures but I stupidly forgot to pack my chrager so am not sure how long my camera will last.

Saturday, January 17, 2009

Housey House

Please excuse the horrible photo but I've had a cold all weekend and look quite crap - but Gem you did want a picture. Here are some photos of our place. We just bought a new rug for the lounge and it feels really cosy. We moved the old one into the kitchen and I think it looks great. It feels less cluttered now.

This is the quilt we chose. I saw it ages ago and it was in the sale. The only thing is it's dry-clean only so it might just have to be for looking only! Gareth seems to like it too (as much as he can like house stuff) - he chose the colour.

These are our lovely lamps from the same shop, Mosaique. We have 2 sets hanging either side of our curtains. I could buy everything in this place.
Back to school tomorrow. I'm so not ready to finish my weekend but I really can't moan as we only have one week then half term. After that it's a bit of a long stint - 8 weeks. So we will try and relax and enjoy our Singapore and Malaysia holiday.

Saturday, January 03, 2009

Back Home

Me on New Year's Eve

We're back in Ho Chi Minh after flying in this morning. I am really sad that it's the end of my holiday but pleased to be home.

This is a photo of our crazy bathroom in Siem Reap. They really tried hard on extravagance but just ended up totally overdoing it. We had 2 showers and a urinal?On the beach in Sihanoukville on New Year's Eve
I very sadly spent the arrival of the new year fast asleep after a really delicious but super rich meal. We had scallops, caviar, prawns, mussels, lobster sauce and steak yummmmmmy! My mouth is watering just thinking of it. But it made me really sleepy - we took a couple of beers back to our room but both zonked too early. Garethwoke up to the fireworks but he said I was snoring my head off and left me asleep. I don't really mind as I think new year celebrations are usually a bit overated. Here are a few snaps of new year's eve.

The pictures below are of me trying really hard to take a photo of Gareth who was winding me up by being silly and not opening his eyes. You can see my frustration, with he rolling eyes, when he tries to take one of me and prats about again.