Friday, December 04, 2009

Totally BONKERS!

I will never understand this country. The pictures show it all!

The office staff downstairs are decorating for Christmas. Each one of those bricks is stuck on individually. They must have made more than a couple of thousand small, foam bricks each with 2 pieces of double sided tape on them. They are pealing and sticking all the bricks to make a winter fire-side scene at the reception desk. It's amazing but I just wonder why they have made them so small. It must be the most exciting day of their year as they're all there with the Christmas music playing. I suppose it's more interesting than watching us go in and out all day!

Sunday, November 29, 2009

Yummy Christmas

I have just been making mince-meat for mince pies. Since I probably won't have a chance to get involved with making Christmas treats this year - as we don't get back until just before Christmas I thought I would make some to get everyone at work in the mood. I have made 3 jars of mince-meat (Grandma's recipe unfortunately with fake rum!) and plan to make some pies once I borrow the rolling pin from school tomorrow. I am going to make Gem's crumble top recipe.

Another busy week ahead. I have 2 concerts this weekend and our stage goes up for the kids Christmas performance. It should be really cute and I will try not to get stressed out with their dancing! Off to enjoy the rest of my Sunday.

Friday, November 27, 2009

Another tiring week...almost there!

The end of the Christmas term is always crazy with reports, parents' evenings and productions. I now have the reports and parent meetings out the way. I was at school until 7.40pm. I started talking to parents straight after the kids left. I got into school at 6.50am with a full day's teaching. It's a really long day and by the end I just didn't even know what I was saying.

At least it's the weekend. I have a busy time coming up. We now have our infants Christmas production I am also singing in a carol concert, playing cello for the secondary concert and performing with the Ho Chi Ming Choir - playing cello again for their 2 concerts. It's going to be crazy!

I can't wait until the holidays. To get myself in the Christmas mood I put up our tree today! I can start packing soon...

Sunday, November 22, 2009

A busy, tiring week.

On your request Gem I have moved that crazy picture of Rosie down. I don't have any photos to put on unfortunately because we have been so busy.

The equivalent of Ofsted came into our school last week. It's basically an inspection before we can be awarded accreditation. The week was mentally stressful - always being ready to be observed teaching with full energy at all times - it's just not sustainable. For you and the kids you have to have some down time too. I didn't even get seen in the end! For Gareth it's been even busier - training for a marathon, applying for jobs all alongside the inspection - he is really wiped out too.

So this weekend I have been trying to wind down. My mind has been so full and busy I just haven't been able to relax or sleep in the week. Finally I completely conked out - no energy at all and slept all afternoon! It was so nice. I think it was all the yoga. I have joined some classes on the weekend and they really clear my mind.

Last night we went to our friends' wedding party - they got married in the summer. It was really nice but I was so shattered I was back home in bed before half 9. I can't wait to get back to the UK. The weather here is so hot it's unbearable. Only 3 more full weeks. My Christmas tree is going up next weekend. I will take pictures then - promise!

Friday, November 06, 2009

Funny Photos

Gem sent me these pics of Rosie to cheer me up. You can see why... I'm not sure Rosie wouldn be so happy if she had any say in it!

Saturday, October 31, 2009

Halloween Party

Here are a few pics from last night. The school band played at a bar and we all got dressed up in our Halloween costumes. I was a bit crap and just wore black with some make-up. It was fun but I didn't want to be too tired this morning so it wasn't a late one for me.

I went to yoga today at a place my friend recommended and it was excellent. Although I realised how much strength I have lost by not doing it regularly. In Mexico I would have had no problems but I am going to seriously ache tomorrow!

Friday, October 23, 2009


Gareth took me for a walking tour around Macau yesterday. It's an old Portuguese colony so has some European style buildings. It's a shame it's ruined by the crazy flashing casinos. We flew into here because it's cheaper than flying to Hong Kong. Then we took the ferry across to HK. We are now at the airport having got up at 4am for an early flight - at least we'll be home soon!

Thursday, October 22, 2009

Night out in Honkers

We went into town tonight for our last night here. I wore my new boots - I love winter clothes! Although it's about 27C it feels quite cool compared to HCMC. We're going to freeze in the UK this Christmas. We went up in the tram to the top of the city to look down from the mountains. This is where all the richest of the rich live - in The Peaks. It was an amazing view over the harbour and buildings.
After that we went into town for some food and drinks. A lovely night - sad we're off tomorrow. At least we have a day in Maccau. It's an old Portuguese colony so has lots of historical buildings, along with a whole load of casinos!

Hong Kong

I am very excited as I just bought a new laptop. I haven't had my own since university. I think Gareth is relieved I won't be messing about with his precious Mac anymore!

Hong Kong is a cool city. It's lovely to buy clothes in a Medium size rather than in Vietnam where I am at least XXXXL or am told to get out of the shop - too fat! I have bought some winter stuff which is a bit naughty as I live in such a hot place. But I figure that we will be back in the UK for Christmas and will have a long winter once we're back next year.

We're off to a look out point this afternoon. I had a nap today as it's been pretty hectic shopping and sight-seeing. We went on the boat to see the main high-rise city area, and visited the most expensive building in the world - the HSBC building. Last night we walked around the night markets and saw the old Hong Kong and were lucky to catch the night laser show. We're having fun and it's all gone too quickly. Enjoy the pics Mum and Gem!

Saturday, October 10, 2009

Long Hai Beach Weekend

I've finally found time to upload some photos of this term. We've been at school for ten weeks now and I am really feeling shattered. I can't wait for next week when we go to Hong Kong to relax Gem I promise will take loads of photos of me then!
I have done nothing this weekend - just relaxing. Had acupuncture for my broken foot which is still really hurting. The guy told me to detox to help it to heal. I really needed a reason to eat healthily so I am glad have been given orders to do so. I am desperate for it to feel better so will do anything - hopefully loosing a few pounds will be the pay off! More pics soon - I promise.

Dragon Dance - Moon Festival

Here are some pictures of the Moon Festival celebrations as school. We all had to wear our Ao dais - traditional Vietnamese clothing. The dragon dancing was amazing but did not pass any health and safety checks. The most scary was a little guy going right up an unsecured pole and then standing on the top. I was so frightened for him. The dragons are really cool - 2 guys go together in the costume on stilts and can do back-flips and balance on a ball - amazing!

Sunday, August 30, 2009

Nga's Wedding

We went to Ms Nga's wedding this Saturday. Vietnamese weddings are totally crazy. They're a bit like a cross between going to Disneyland and a game show. There was a really crazy castle on the stage where dancers/singers were performing. As usual there was a big explosion of silver confetti and red champagne poured over dry-ice and more food than you could ever eat. As westerners we were put on the top table, which we all found totally embarrassing as her friends and family were relegated to the back of the room. We're meant to be lucky and bring prosperity to the marriage. A real experience!

School Do

We had our school do last weekend. We went to a Vietnamese restaurant in town then on to a couple of bars. It was nice to catch up with everyone. Here are the only photos I took. I was doing too much chatting to take pictures although it did take about 10 photos to get Euan and I in the shot together - that's why my face is weird in one of them!