Sunday, December 31, 2006

Happy New Year Everyone!

It's new year's eve and Gareth and I have been playing the poker game I got him for Christmas while drinking a bottle of very nice champagne one of his kids gave him (he'll be getting good grades). We decided to have a chilled one as it's always overrated when you go out on new year's eve and never meets expectations. I cooked a nice roast dinner and we have far too much lemon pie for pudding. I'm not sure if we'll make it to midnight as we're almost out of champagne!

Tuesday, December 26, 2006

Ice Hockey and Niagra Falls

We went to an ice-hockey game on Boxing Day. I thought I was going to be freezing and bored sat by the ice but we had a great time. We pigged out on hot dogs and I made friends with the usher who bought me a Maple Leafs flag. It was really violent and now and then the referees had to break up a scrap. I love the American style sports. Whenever they have stoppage time they fill it up with ridiculous quizzes and tasks for the audience to do.We filled up our last day at Niagra Falls. We got a great deal. We paid $30 for the bus then a casino gave us back $25 expecting us to spend it there. I have never been so disappointed (at least we hadn't paid much). I expected the water falls to be set in a national park with the possibility of bears around and lovely trees and rocky climbs. We got dropped off at the casino where we walked a couple of minutes to the falls. They were surrounded by high-rise hotels, casinos, concrete and flashing attractions like famous criminals made of wax! The bonus was it finally snowed. It didn't settle and I was glad it hadn't actually snowed all holiday because it was far too cold for me. We got the casino bus back with all the little old ladies and their winnings. We had the nicest meal before we came back. Far too much garlic and we did stink that night!

Christmas Day

Everyone has gone nuts today. The whole town centre is full of crazy shoppers. I can't stand it so I'm hiding out in this nice quiet internet cafe. Yesterday was really nice. We went to a bit of a smart hotel which turned out to be just the right thing to do. They had Santa walking around and a little group of carol singers - very festive! But it wasn't snobby and we felt really comfortable. I ate far too much. It was a big buffet with just about any good food you can think of on offer. I ate loads of oysters, prawns and salmon to get our moneys worth and felt far too stuffed by the end I should have pre-planned and bought an expandable skirt. Gareth gave me some really nice presents. I had gorgeous, cosy and soft jumper, some bath stuff and a couple of games. We spent a lazy afternoon in the hotel eating chocolate and other rubbish food. I had a junk food headache this morning and a craving for fresh fruit. I need desperately to exercise. Aaargh!

Sunday, December 24, 2006

Doh a Deer la la la la...

I am feeling more Christmassy now despite the fact that we still don't have snow. Maybe I'll wake up tomorrow and it will be snowy. You never know! I watched the sound of music today and felt very nostalgic. I'm not sure how many times I've watched that film. I did the last of my shopping for Gareth today and had to buy a nice dress to go to dinner tomorrow. We couldn't find anywhere good for Christmas day on the internet but a nice lady helped us today. The only thing is I think it's going to be really posh. I hope we can scrub up ok to be let in!

I was very good yesterday and went to the hotel gym and pool. But after that we did have a bottle of wine in the lovley Japanese restaurant across the street. I ate so much I felt stuffed for hours afterwards. I normally eat alot so I must have really overdone it. I wole up this morning starving though so back to normal!

Happy Christmas everyone. Have a lovely day tomorrow wherever you are!

Thursday, December 21, 2006


Today was pretty cold outside so I got my hopes up for snow. Then I heard some people talking about how it's as warm as April and on the news wason and on about global warming. Looks like it's going to be a warm Christmas this year for us.

Today we went for a long walk after seeing the art gallery. We went through the university campus and up into the park. It was all uphill and I was pooped so I had a long nap this afternoon. I met some friendly squirrels who posed for loads of photos (I think I took a few too many I must aim for more people shots). This evening we had champagne and room service for dinner - just to spoil ourselves a bit.


I did my Christmas shopping for Gareth yesterday. I met a really nice girl from Windsor who pointed me in the right direction for some good shops. We had a big lie-in not getting up until after 11 and decided just to go straight to lunch. It's a bit weird having to speak French. I find I'm speaking a mixture of Spanish and French and really confusing people.

We went to a nice pub for dinner after getting too cold looking for the jazz place I wanted to go to. (Back to the curly, scraggy hair Sam!) We had far too big beers and great French food starting with a really naughty brie fondue! We're off to do some tourist stuff today starting with the Modern Art Museum and I spotted a castle which I want to take a look at.

Tuesday, December 19, 2006


Last night we went for a great meal at a Belgium restaurant. They served huge beers Gareth got a big one and me a small one I thought that was a bit sexist, especially as I can probably drink more than Gareth.
Gareth and a big beer
Steaming mussels
We took the train from Toronto to Montreal today. It was a bit longer than expected - 5 1/2 hours but I managed to do some sleeping and read my magazine so I didn't bug Gareth too much, who as usual was in protable entertainment heaven. I saw some snow on the way to Montreal and it is definitely colder here so I'm hoping it will snow more soon. The city is lovely I feel like I'm in Paris. We went out for steak and chips in a lovely little French restaurant - just like in St Malo. I have forgotten all my French it's quite depressing. But I did help a lost guy from Panama get off at the right stop and had a good conversation with him in Spanish. He even recognised my Mexico City accent so I must be getting better! We have a nice room but it's a bit weird. It has a full kitchen in the bedrrom and a dining-room table all laid out. We probably won't be using it much though having seen all the nice retaurants nearby.

Sight seeing tomorrow. I hoping to drag Gareth to the zoo and botanical gardebs. I did do his sport museum the other day. And I must but his Christmas present too. Why are guys so hard to but for? There are loads of nick-nacks I would love. Any ideas are welcome!


My sister is engaged! (I wasn't going to put this here but as she has on her blog so I thought it would be ok). A very tasteful ring well done Tim! I'm glad it doesn't have a sticking-out diamond as my newly engaged friend has one and is always scratching her nose on it when she sleeps. So it's going to be wedding plans and colour schemes from now on in (Sam I remember all your crazy plans). I can't wait to see Gemma waltzing down the ailse. It makes me feel very grown up.

Monday, December 18, 2006

Toronto in a heat wave

We got here and there's no snow. On the news they're saying it's unusually hot for this time of year. It's not much different to Mexico! It was probably a welcome surprise for us so now we can acclimatise gently - we're off to Montreal tomorrow which will be really cold. We have been shopping today. I got my hair coloured and cut - so great as Mexico is crap for hair. I'm glad it's back to my realy colour. I did a very bad red thing myself which didn't realyl work but I don't really rcognise myself without th curls. We went up the CN Tower about 500m up. I felt very scared but a bit brave when I went out on the glass celing with only 500m of nothing below me. Whoooaa! Gareth took me to the hockey hall of fame where we saw silver cups and ice-hockey kits. Gareth had a go on the saving goals game but I didn't want any pucks flying at my face. Especially as my eye has only just healed from when Gareth tried to poke it right out in his sleep.

Tomorrow we're catching a train to Montreal so I have been practicing my French. Au jourd'hui! (sorry mum if that's spelt wrong)

Saturday, December 16, 2006

Christmas in Guernsey

Mum's nativity

Marmalade (my Guernsey cat) taking an xmas nap

Grandma and Grandad with their tree

Had a little Christmas dinner tonight. Cooked a beef pastry thing my sister taught me that turned out really good and roast potatoes. I tried this Camembert, garlic and cranberry starter which you are meant to cook in the microwave. Not having one I tried the oven but ended up with a big, fat, greasy mess. Still tasty but not really a success. Good brownies for pudding though!

We opened our presents form our family. Thank you to everyone reading this! I had some nice underwear from my sister (not easy to buy here), great clothes from Gareth's family, earrings from my Aunt and Uncle and best of all a mouse mat with a picture of my Guernsey cat from my Grandma and Grandad - I love it and am using it right now! I'm tempted to take it to school but I don't trust the kids not to nick it.

We're off to Canada tomorrow so Gareth is off packing. I'm getting really excited now but really hate flying so I'll be glad when we're there and that's all over and done with. Photos of Canada will follow soon!

Christmas Concert

We had our Christmas concert on Thursday which was pretty amazing. There were about 300 children in total - playing in the orchestra, dancing and singing. The lighting was all done professionally and looked great. They tried to add atmosphere by using a smoke machine which just made it really hard to breathe - especially when playing a clarinet.
(me in the middle wearing black)

After we had the posada which is the little re-enactment of the nativity by the tiny kids. I saw them before - a donkey, shepherd and king playing football on the field so they were a bnit dishevelled by the performance. The paths were lit with Chinese lanterns there was yummy food and all the classes had made stained-glass windows for each room and were lit up from the inside - a really good night to get in the Christmas mood.
(me conducting with festive tinsel in hair)

Off to Canada tomorrow. I am very excited. I had forgotten we were going and hadn't done my packing at all. We handed in our resignations a couple of weeks ago so we have been very excited looking for new jobs. We decided we wanted a bit of a change. I still love Mexico but we have seen most of what there is to see. So we are officially unemployed at the moment and are hoping to find somewhere for this September. We have applied for lots of different international posts so fingers crossed in the new year we should be having interviews!

Thursday, December 14, 2006

Christmas Time!

I know I haven't written for ages but I have been so busy - the end of term is always like this. On Tuesday night we went to our friends' house for a Christmas party. We all brought a part of the Christmas meal. They did turkey someone did potatoes and we did mince pies etc. It was so delicious. We did a pinata where you have to bash the decoration with a sugar cane until it breaks and all the sweets fall out - a bit dangerous after a few glasses of wine. Great! Gareth got home at about half four - I was tucked in bed by one because I had the school concert to arrange the next day. Needless to say he had a tough day at school yesterday.

Last night we went to see the Killers play. It was a massive concert. We had a nightmare getting there - in a taxi for three hours. The Mexicans will never ever admit they are wrong or don't know where they're going. It was obvious we were lost but the guy just kept driving around. Luckily we made it and only misssed one song. Great show and very cool. The drummer was amazing. He had big pork chop side boards and a handle bar moustache - looked like he might eat children.

I feel shattered after last night and am feeling it today but it's our last full day in school so I can't complain. Tonight is the concert which is always really Christmassy. I will post photos soon!

Wednesday, December 06, 2006

One hurdle down!

Performed our Christmas concert today it went really well despite a power cut half way through one of the songs. The kids were great and so well behaved while the workmen linked up to the electricity at a nearby house. Thanks Kim and Steve for paying for the electricity in our concert! The parents were really impressed with the costumes and the singing. I was very proud. See pictures at: and go to Junior 1 performance. We celebrated with a glass of baileys in the classroom (we were meant to be having a planning meeting but really weren't in the mood).

We just came back from our Christmas meal. It was a bit of a last minute decision to go as last year the food was disgusting (mainly brown in colour) so no-one ate and then proceeded to be very drunk. It was very good this year, everyone had a good time, and we finished off with big, big glasses of baileys. Yum! They did kick us our very early though after last year's fiasco so it's now only half six and we are home already.

Sunday, December 03, 2006

Christmas is Coming!

Went out and bought our Christmas tree today. I was dreading carrying it up our hill - it is a real killer at the best of times - and just as we set off it started to rain. Not a good sign! Luckily when we bought the tree the man selling it said he could give us and the tree a lift home. Gareth walked as there wasn't really room in the car. The car was so clapped out Gareth actually got back before me. Anyway the tree is now up and I've been listening to far too much Christmas music to really get in the mood. I have been making mince pies today. I would never normally dream of making puff pastry as you can buy it ready made but in Mexico you can't. So I made the pastry and the mince meat from scratch and if I say so myself it's turned out bloody tasty!

Now I've changed to this new blogger thing can't put photos on any more. There is no option to do it. So I will have to save these photos of my tree etc. until I can figure out how to do it. (I've figured it out now there was a problem with beta.)