Saturday, January 23, 2010

Hidden spots of Ho Chi Minh City

When I first went up this staircase it was at night time and was a bit scary. In the UK I would never dream of walking into a place like this alone, with the stained walls and broken stairs. It looks like a prison or an asylum. But at the top is a beautiful restaurant, chill-out bar called La FenĂȘtre Soleil. It has gorgeous old French windows painted in pale blue and lovely wooden floor and a big chandelier. It's a really lovely place. Shame about the entrance though. It's the sort of place a tourist would never find and a lovely spot to chat and have a drink. I met with a friend here today and had a good gossip, with a big pot of tea.

Saturday, January 16, 2010

Ben Thanh Market

We went off to Ben Thanh market to pick up some wedding favours today. We've been putting it off because it's so packed and crazy there. I thought I should put on some pictures of real Vietnam life. The market is amazing. People pretty much live their whole lives there. You can find anything you would ever need in this place!


Some more pics of visiting Gem, Tim and Rosie at Christmas!


I have made a really good start to the new year. As you can see from the pictures I have grown my nails. I usually break them at school gluing and cutting out etc. then don't look after them, but this year I am determined to keep them looking nice. I have also been to the gym every weekend and a bit during the week and am sort of eating healthily (had a big blow out yesterday with crisps, cheese and sweets but it was Friday!). Gareth is away on a school trip next week so I will make lots good, healthy food - as he doesn't usually like the healthy stuff I cook.

(not sure why the pics are so small!)
Now I am really on track to organising the wedding. I have checked up on my dress and it seems to be coming. We are trying to organise bridesmaid dresses - thanks to Gem being my personal wedding planner. It's really exciting that most of the people I thought might not be able to come to our wedding are able to make it. I am so happy! I haven't really been excited about it before now but I am starting to feel it a little. I am sure I will really get into it once we have both found jobs and feel a bit more settled about the future.

Sunday, January 03, 2010

New Year!

We arrived back in Saigon this morning after an excellent Christmas holiday. I saw so many people and ate A LOT of delicious food.

First we visited Gem, Mum, Sam, Tim and Rosie. It wasn't the best timing as we were totally jet-lagged. I don't remember much except that Rosie was so CUTE and Gem started a food fight and denied it! We had snow so the countryside was really pretty.

We then had Christmas with Gareth's family. I was amazed at what a fantastic lunch they managed to cook up for almost 20 of us! YUM... Gareth gave me a lovely new bag. His parents also adopted teo new cats. One was a cute little kitten and the other only just over a year old so still really playful.

Before New Year I caught up with Emma, Katie, Seonaid and Lex. I am definitely very lucky to had such brilliant friends. It's always just like we haven't been away when we get chatting. New Year was at Rob and Jenny's and of course was quite boozy but a lot of fun.

I can't wait to be back to the UK in the summer and start settling down. It will be so nice to have our own place and not always be visitors in our own country. I don't want to wish away our time here but am sure it will fly as we plan a wedding, get jobs, try to find a place to live and pack up our whole lives for shipping. What a year!