Saturday, August 26, 2006

Volcano Pictures

Jo and I were left to our own devices today as we climbed round a volcano. We did loads of chatting - great day out! The others walked the whole of the ridge right round it - took 6 hours and some hard work.

Jo on the ridge of the volcano after we both decided to climb up a sheer slope - took us 2 hours.All prepared to climb.Shattered after walking the ridge.

Friday, August 25, 2006


I remember saying I'm knackered to a PE teacher once and getting in big shit. It's not that bad is it mum cos you taught me it? Anyway I am knackered. I've had a really good but crazy week. Thank god we finish at half 2 because I'm not sure how I used to go so much longer. But it's the weekend now so I'm happy. We're off to a party at our next door neighbours tonight - so not too far to stagger back. We're up early tomorrow though (so much for a lie-in). We're going with some friends to climb an old volcano. It's 5000m up so we're splitting into two groups the normal people and super-fit. You can guess which groups me and Gareth are in (not the same one). The fit ones are going to walk all round the ridge, climbing up really big slopes. At such high altitude it's a killer - hard to breathe. We're going to take it easy and take the nice slopes. What I'm really looking forward to are the drinks and tacos at the end. Photos soon!

Tuesday, August 22, 2006

Back to School

Couldn't get up this morning Gareth had to kick me out of bed. I am so bad at early starts. I don't know how he is so chirpy before it's even light outside?

Had a good start to school. It was bit confusing at first as my timetable has completely changed and the kids are more used to it than me. I had a couple of kids with not a single word of English I really feel sorry for them when they start. I had a few wailers clinging on to mum and also lost a kid at the end of the day - his fault not mine - but apart from that a pretty smooth start. Now I have to think of something to fill up tomorrow!

Wednesday, August 16, 2006

Fresher's Week

Just got back to Mexico. Whenever the new people arrive it's a bit crazy and very reminiscent of fresher's week at uni. Everyone drinks a bit too much for too many days in a row and within a week you can guarantee some kind of mimi-scandal. I love it!

I just met all the new guys yesterday. I always think it's great watching everyone trying to figure each other out. They seem really nice and are all liveing near to us so a whole bunch of new, ready-made freinds!

Had a horrible weekend. Just as a couple were moving into the house next door to us, Lynne, The lady who looks after things like that fell of my doorstep. She broke her arm really badly. I have not seen many injuries close up but had to deel with blood ane bone glaring out at me and get her to hosipital quick. If you don't have a first aid kit at home buy one. She burst an artery and my bandages were a bit of a life-saver. So this week I am First-Aid Ant and I am glad to say Lynne is feling much better.

Saturday, August 12, 2006

Holiday Photos

San Blas Hacienda

San Blas Beach

On the Beach

We spent the last days of our holiday down at the beach. First we stayed in Mazatlan for 4 nights then on to a cool little surf place called San Blas. We were just about the only tourists there and stayed in an amazing old Hacienda where we had the gorgeous pool completely to ourselves. We spent a day messing about on boards in the sea. Gareth was like a kid I couldn't get him out of the water even to eat his lunch. We pigged out all week on really plain and basic but amazing tasting seafood. I am now back in the city and it feels good to be home after living out of a suitcase for 2 months!


2 horses hanging out by our hotel and later off to the disco

Friday, August 11, 2006

Thursday, August 10, 2006

Friday, August 04, 2006

Photos of the Copper Canyon train journey

Yesterday we travelled right through the canyons on the train. It took 10 hours to get to the coast. The scenery is incredible and the photos don´t do it justice. Today we´re off to the beach in Mazatlan. It´s boiling hot and really humid here. After the cool canyon air it´s a bit of a shock. But I´m sure cocktails by the pool will soon cure me of the heat!


Me in the silver mine in Zacatecas
View across the canyon top when out cycling Basaseachi waterfall (can´t quite appreciate the massivenesss of this thing with a photo)

Cowboys´ horses hanging out at the edge of the canyon

Thursday, August 03, 2006


After stopping in Chihuahua for one night (not much to do there) we came to Creel on the Copper Canyon train. It´s a really old fashioned steam train which winds through a set of canyons that meet in this area. The little villages are beautiful along the way. Just like little house on the prairie. It doesn´t feel quite like the Mexico we know.
We stayed in a hotel that includes breakfast and dinner where you eat in a shared dining room. It´s been a great way to meet poeple and we have made friends with Belgians, Germans, Italians, American, Korean and Candian people. I have also had lots of practice speaking spanish. Yesterday we spent the day with an Italian girl and the language we shared was spanish so we both spoke it all day.

On the first day we went to some hot springs. We had to walk deep into the canyon (a very long, steep path) to a set of naturally heated springs. It was beautiful but walking back up was a killer. On day two we took a long trip to Basaseachi waterfall - one of the largest in North America -bigger than Niagra Falls. It was pretty cool at the top but as we walked top the bottom it got really tropical because of the water splashing out - making a completely different environment. Again a crazy, hour long walk back up. Yesterday we went on a bike ride to a nearby lake. My bum is killing me from the seat. And I am really shattered now after three days intensive exercise. At Least I´m loosing my England chocolate weight!

We leave for Los Mochis on the Pacific Coast today for a beach holiday. We´re taking the train again. It stops so we can take pictures of the canyon. We just stay one night there and then on to Mazatlan. It´s going to really, really hot. I can´t wait to swim and chill out in the sun.

Unfortunately I can´t put my pictures on my blog as the computers are very slow but I have found some photos of the places we visited on the internet. When we´re back home I will put some of my own here too.