Thursday, June 29, 2006


Had a fantastic Greek meal with Jane, Julie and Alex from my old school. It was so delicious and the bonus is there are no nuts used in Greek cooking. We drank quite a bit of red wine and did alot of chatting (well I did anyway).

Wednesday, June 28, 2006


We were big tourists today. We went through the park (bit chuffed with my river shots) past Buckingham Palace then on to Leicester Square and Picadilly Circus. Later across the river for yummy bbq with Rob and Jen. It was great to catch up even if poor old Gareth had to sit through a bit of uni chat. I was shattered by the time we got back as we clocked up some miles walking everywhere we could - me as tour guide - I love my A-Z! Great day out.

Tuesday, June 27, 2006

New camera

Had a fab day shopping - spent far too much again. Spent ages looking for something nice for Sam's wedding. Sam I cannot imagine having to organise and buy everything else this was a nightmare and I had the whole of London to choose from. I also bought a great little camera in the half price sale. This is a picture of me on my new skype phone (for my free telephone thing on the internet). It's great because it's like a real phone. It rings so I won't miss any more calls and I won't look like an idiot anymore talking into a microphone.

Tomorrow we're off to get Gareth's passport done then hopefully on to dinner with friends.

Shopping, pies, chocolate and crisps

I don't know which was the best bit eating pub junk or shopping. I was in heaven. I had a great day out and spent far too much but it's not stopping me from getting back on Oxford Street today!

We met with Julie - Australin girl from my old school to watch Australia play Italy. Then Rob and Jen joined us. It was so great to catch up and realise no-one has really changed and sad to know how much I miss everyone. I talked far too much and was very excited. I'm worried out weeks here are going to go by too quickly - there are so many people to see.

Saturday, June 24, 2006

Home again home again jiggity jig!

Yey back in the UK! All this week I've had a complete blank on today ever happening. It's partly because I hate flying and just didn't want to think about it. But also it is so weird living somewhere that seems like home for a year then returning to real home. Nothing changes back here but it all seems different. I can't quite explain it. I love being back surrounded by English-speaking people but I still expect to be misunderstood so I end up talking very clearly especially in shops.
I can't wait to go shopping in town on Monday. I am planning on buying a nice digital camera so I will take lots of snaps of my adventures in London and Guernsey. I am so excited as I am also meeting up with Rob and Jen. I can't wait to catch up with all my friends. The problem is they are all over the place I can't seem to get everyone together in one place at one time. I am looking forward to strolls along the South Bank, a lazy afternoon in the Tate Modern, pub lunches and best not forget a first swim of the year in the Guernsey sea brrrr. I want to revisit all the great places we went to when me and Gareth first started going out. Hooray I love being back!

Tuesday, June 20, 2006


Yesterday was great. All the children went to experience secondary school with the intermmediate teachers. I felt proud and sad to see them all grown up. I had a satisfying day sorting things out getting all my files straight for next year. I am very anal and love nothing more than a good clean out. I might even do my wardrobe tonight.

Today has been really busy. We had to practice for the leavers' assembly this Thursday. It's the last bit of work I have to do but now I'm all nervous about playing piano and cello at the concert. I only learned the pieces today. I'll be so excited to finish the term it will go really quick.

I can't wait to pack. I'm itching to do ot already and have a few things chucked in my case. But I have to withstrain myself until I have washed everything on Friday to pack properly. London in 3 day I can't wait!

Sunday, June 18, 2006

Cute Dog

This is the little dog that turned up on my street this year and I accidentally adopted. I just fell in love. She was a wierd blue colour and all her fur was matted. I had to take her to the vet to be shaved and vaccinated. I wish I had a photo of before as she was so shabby. Rowena at school said she'd take her in and as you can see now she is fat and spoiled and loves. She is now called Lucy and lives with her friend Fred. I feel so proud!

Chilled Weekend

I have had a really nice weekend. I really miss having Gareth around especially in the evning but I have totally relaxed now reports are finished and I just have an easy week to go till London!

I didn't get up till 11am on Saturday and was very good trotting off to the gym. I then went shopping with Jo and was very naughty buying a skirt and two pairs of shoes. I needed a pair for school as a kid trod on me the other day and destroyed my shoe ripping it right off my foot. It was irreparable. I saw a second pair and just loved them so I am all set for trecking around London hopefully blister-free. We then had some dinner at the Beer Factory which does amazing burgers and tap bber (unfortunately I can't touch a drop as I'm on anti-biotics).

In the evening we went to say hello at the kids' graduation party. They were really pleased we'd made the effort as we were the only teachers to bother going along. It was a bit of a shame really as not many kids went along and one mum had made all this effort to organiose a dj, lights, food etc. After that we went on to Kev and Jude's desperdida (leaving thing)- Jude works for the European Commision here and they are leaving Mexico next week for good. It was fun but sad to say goodbye. I really wanted a nice margarita or chapagne but I was very good and resisted. It turned out to be a good night. We danced a bit of salsa and of course the obligatory Grease mega-mix etc. Didn't get to be till half two and I was really shattered.

Had a lie-in again this morning. I had plans for the gym but it got too late and it shuts early on Sunday. So I went up to Maz and Ben's to watch Australia play in the world cup. Maz was gutted they lost but it was Brazil and they are pretty good (I know that and not much else about football).

I have just been baking like a good house-wife! Gareth is back tonight and I wanted to treat him to some nice cakes. I have tried making coffee kisses and they are very good if I say so myself.

Friday, June 16, 2006

Summer Performance

I have finished the hardest part of the term. Last night we did the summer school performance. It was so great and a bit crazy as the orchestra consisted of 150 kids and the choir 200. We did a film music theme. While we played the pieces they played clips from the films on 2 big screens the parents loved it especially the dads who were dragged along as they had something to entertain them. It was just the right length - didn't drag on for three hours like last year. I can now relax with just an easy week at school tidying up and packing away.

I am missing Gareth as he has gone away on a trip. I don't mind him being away but he's in an area where there is no reception so I don't even know if he got there ok or anything. I realise how nice it is to have someone to share dinner with and slob out watching endless episodes of Lost. But I am going to make the most of it by watching my new box set of Sex in the City that Gareth bought me. It's going to be a long slobby weekend. However, I have been very good as I was tempted to buy a tub of Haagan Daas and sweets etc. But have settled on a few bars of skinny chocolate. They are now importing Cadburys chocolate but only something called thins which are a bit weedy so you have to have a couple!

Monday, June 12, 2006

Over and done with

I'm glad today is over because I had to hold a staff meeting to introduce the maths scheme. I was really nervous as there are some really mean teachers in our school - a bit like being back in sixth form with bitchy girls! But it went really well, despite me not being able to sleep all night worrying like mad.

Our school is unbelievable. On Friday we only have to teach a half day because Mexico are playing in the World Cup and of course we all have to get home in time to watch it. I can't believe my luck having a long weekend. Great!

Friday, June 09, 2006

Feeling better

I made it to the gym tonight hooray! At last I'm feeling a bit better and now it's count down till I go back to London so I want to get in shape. I'm not sure you can do that in 2 weeks but I'll give it a try. I just hope I don't go nuts on the cadburys when I get back.

This weekend I'm off shopping for the last of my presents to take back home. I'm going with a couple of girls from school to have lunch then a good shop in the market. In the morning it's the first England game. We've been invited to go to friends to watch it for breakfast. Little baby Cali is going to be there and I really want to see her again as her mum and dad say she's smiling now. But I really don't think I'll make it out of bed by half seven in the morning. We'll see.

Wednesday, June 07, 2006

Big Pig

I was a big pig this weekend. I couldn't keep my hands off a lovely lemon meringue pie which embarassingly I polished off alone in 2 days (a couple of slices went on Friday night by other people). When Gareth asked for some and there was none left he was a bit shocked at my eating capacity. He's lived me long enough now he must have realised. I then went on to scoff a load of digestives -so much for healthy eating.

Today I have been better - 2 apples! I was feeling a bit sorry for myelf as I have a very sore throat and dodgy stomach. Caught from my horrible ill children in my class. I went to bed at 4pm on Tuesday and slept right through with a roasting temperature. I felt a lot better today and didn't want to go into school. But I had to go in as it was the start of the exhibition and it was more hassle than it was worth to try and write down instrucitons for a cover teacher.

The exhibition went really well. Our classrooms (mine and Jo's) went down really well with big and little kids. There was more than enough to entertain them - I was worried they might be bored. Some even came back again in their breaktime. Success hooray!

2 more weeks till we fly to the uk (if Gareth gets on the flight as it clashes with an England World Cup game). I have my suitcase out already. I can't wait for holidays!

Saturday, June 03, 2006


Here is a glimpse of our exhibition. It's still in the process of being finished. Lots more work on Monday.

A birthday surprise

Last night was fun. We set up a surprise party for Jo and managed to keep it a total secret! She had no idea. She had a good time but she also says it's now all out war because we both agreed to never do surprises as you always turn up looking like crap and everyone else is all dressed up.
We started the night with melon margharitas which were a bit amazing but bloody strong. I'm feeling a bit delicate today. We played pictionary and everyone was shocked at what a bad looser I am.

I am going to do nothing this weekend. I just want a good rest because this week has been pretty manic. At least we get the kids' exhibition over and done with this week and then only 2 weeks before jetting back home. I can't wait.