Friday, July 27, 2007


I've been so busy this week. I can't believe it's almost the end of our holidays. We're all packed up and have been pretty organised this week getting forms etc. filled in and sent off.

I've was on a 3 day course at the start of the week. It was in Greenwich where we used to live so it was nice to go back again. But we didn't have much time to enjoy it as I was working long hours. I met a guy who will be working with me in Vietnam so that was great.

Last night I went out with Lib, Charlotte and Em from uni. We had many bottles of wine and lots of girly snacks. It was so good to catch up. Evene though we don't see each other often it's always the same. I loved it.

Had a quiet day today. Got all packed up and chilled out. I will post photos soon.

Wednesday, July 18, 2007

Very silly

I have done something very silly. I went to an exercise class yesterday called thighs, bums and abs. I thought it would be a load of old ladies taking it easy. I was very much mistaken. A big muscled guy came in and started us off doing lunges round the room shouting if we weren't going low enough. It was like being in one of those American boot camps where they kick your arse if you don;t do what you're told. He kept coming to me and making me lift my legs higher and shouting to do more sit ups. I was pretty dead by the end but nothing compared to this morning. I am finding the stairs very difficult an can hardly sit on the loo without collapsing getting back off is equally as hard. Help me I am in so much pain!

Anyway we had to cancel our cliff walk today and I am going instead to Christies for one last chocolate milkshake (and I wonder why I am getting fat).

Gareth and I went up to Grandma and Grandad's last night for a glass of wine.

Tuesday, July 17, 2007


We had a great day today. Well I did anyway. We played mini-golf and I won! I am very competitive and was a bit mad that Gareth was racing away from me in points. But I came back at the end and beat him so I was chuffed. I normally don't try very hard at mini-golf but this became quite a serious game. The pitch was amazing - I recommend it to anyone in Guernsey. We had lovely weather - almost like a real summer. We had lunch with mum and Sam before playing golf and then walked back from Oatlands to home. I really need to do as much exercise as possible. I am gradually swelling like a balloon eating all the food I've missed when in Mexico.

Monday, July 16, 2007

Paradise Island

We went for a walk along the coast today. Poor old Gareth suffered my photo taking frenzy. It was really gorgeous weather - we've been so lucky. We had a seafood lunch before setting of then stopped at a nice little beach cafe for ice-cream later on. I feel really fit and healthy after all the fresh air and sunshine. Very relaxing!

Sunday, July 15, 2007


I was too busy chatting to take many photos. But here are a couple. We had a chilled afternoon and evening. It was really nice to see everyone. I ate far too much and feel like a bloater today!

Saturday, July 14, 2007

Mexican Caterpillars

I just had to put these on. Thy are probably butterflies by now. They infested a bush in the garden and then all chrysalised at the same time. Amazing!

Out in town

Last night we went out to Da Nello's which is a really nice restaurant in town (a bit pricey but well worth it). We had some wine and lots of great seafood. I had lobster pasta which I'm still craving for today it was bloody good. After me and Garth went off to a couple of pubs. Had a bit of a headache this morning - I am such a lightweight nowadays! Me and Mum as the sudoku geeks

Today I'm getting ready for my BBQ. I'm having a few friends over and hoping the weather will stay dry an even better get a bit less cloudy and more sunny so we can enjoy our Pims like in a real summer.

Wednesday, July 11, 2007

West Coast

I almost died this morning when I signed up for a fitness class and it turned out to be lifting weights for an entire hour. My bum and thighs are killing me already. I won't be able to move tomorrow! We went to the cup and saucer and the Guernsey Pearl museums today. It took about 20 minutes to do the two - I thought it would be a long day out. It was too windy to walk so we had an ice-cram on the sea wall then in the car when we got too cold. A really nice relaxing day. Spent a fortune at the doctors now I'm not a resident - getting new injections for my allergy. But at least I'm all sorted. Looking forward to the weekend!

Tuesday, July 10, 2007

Lunch at Fermain
Cliff walk
Off to Herm
Belvoir Beach

Pints in the Mermaid

I've been so busy since we've been back. I've spent a fortune in London on Oxford Street, while getting very wet in the persistent rain showers. It's been great buying some decent clothes - although unfortunately most of them were smart, boring work clothes.

Now we're in Guernsey and we have been so lucky with the change in weather. It has really cheered up. We went for a walk on the cliffs yesterday and had seafood lunch on the beach. After lunch in town Mum and I are off for a manicure today. I'm a bit clueless as I don't really do that sort of thing but it should be a laugh. Gareth and I have plans to play tennis this week if the weather holds out and I am being very good by going to the exercise classes at Beau Sejour. Hopefully tat will work of the chips we're planning on having tonight!