Sunday, August 26, 2007

Ku Chi Tunnels

In Saigon there are the tunnels hwere they fought the war against America. The Vietnamese are very proud of winning and have a huge tour of the area. There are some serious home made weapons and the poeple fighters are called ' the brave american killers'. I really wouldn't like to visit as an American tourist. The tunnels are tiny - made for the Vietnamese only. Gareth managed to squeeze in I wasn't so brave. But I did get to fire an M16 and Gareth fired an AK47. We had to buy the live bullets. Really insane! A good tourist day out.


Looking from our flat onto our street.
Outside our flat.
Fruit seller on our street.
Down town Saigon.

Saturday, August 18, 2007

Home in Vietnam

We're finally all settled in. Our flat is lovely with 2 big bedrooms both with king-sized beds (I just love that). We live right in the heart of town. School is working us very hard and I was shattered by the end of the week. We have joined a gym and managed to get internet connected at home so we feel pretty productive. Had my fair share of Vietnamese food which is amazing! The people are lovely. It feels very safe and they just want to chat to practice their English. Here are some photos of our flat. I will try to add some of school and the city over the next week.


Me, Gareth, Rob and Jen met up for a few drinks in Covent Garden. I don't know about them but we had a really good day. I know it's been ages since then but I thought I'd put the pictures on. I have to apologise to anyone I didn't get to say a proper goodbye to. It was a hectic summer. So much more difficult when you're oving to a new country. But we're here now and everything has worked out just great. Loving it!

Thursday, August 02, 2007

For Gemma

Gem has been bugging me to put on some photos. I have been crazily busy trying to see everyone and get everything sorted. I haven't really taken many pictures - just enjoyed being with friends. I forgot how much energy moving to a new country takes up. I feel really shitty today. I think it's lack of veggies and too much crap food. I am really looking forward to cooking for myself again. We've had lovely meals here at Gareth's parents but have eaten out far too much and you never really know what's in those meals.
Anyway we have a long wait in today. We are shipping 3 suitcases and are waiting about until the guy comes to pick them up. I really hoipe they are ok and don't get lost. All my stuff is in there. I'm sure it will be fine - loads of people so this - but I never have. Hopefully I will get to go to the gym too today if they're not too late. I really don't feel like it but have piled on the pounds over the past few weeks so need to go.

We're meeting up with Jen and Rob on Friday - I am really excited. Then Guernsey friends on Saturday. Yey!