Thursday, March 30, 2006

A long evening

It's just the beginning. I am sat at school counting the minutes till the next parent's appointment. I have 20 more to see! I always feel bad bringing a parent in when you can only say good stuff. They sit there waiting for the bad news. I suppose they're just glad to hear nice things about their child. Had a good day. I feel like I ticked off lots of stuff on my to do list. Now I just need to pack for holidays. Hooray!!

Wednesday, March 29, 2006

One more hurdle!

Last day of the concert. The kids were all very sweet waving to their parents. I saw them through the parents eyes today and felt really proud of them all singing their little hearts out. Just one more big hurdle - a long parents' evening tomorrow night. I've already managed to squeeze a few parents in early but it still means about three hours of talking left to go. Never mind - holiday is the focus.

On Friday we're having a skipathon. It means the children skip all day to raise money. I have one who reckons he can do 154 skips a minute. I can't wait to see this impossible feat achieved. So an easy day for me anyway!

First time!

This is my first time on this. I really want to try this out because I have a terrible memory and I suppose this is a bit like a diary. My sister has kept a diary for years and can look back on it whenever she wants. That's so organised!

Had a good day today. I am in the music team at school and have been organising a performance for the past couple of weeks and today was finally the real thing. Coordinating 100 seven year old kids to be quiet then dance, sing and play instruments gets a bit stressful but it all went surprisingly smoothly today. Hope tomorrow goes well. Then just a mammoth, three hour parents evening to get through before holidays. Hooray!!

We're off to Belize this Easter to do some diving. I want to swim with the wierd looking manatees and I am desparate to see a monkey or two in the jungle. I can't wait to lie in a hammock and read all day long with no worries and great weather.