Saturday, April 24, 2010

Preparing to come home

This has been quite a busy week of preparing for our move home. We had 3 quotations for shipping our stuff. It was quite exhausting having strangers looking at all our things and asking so many questions. At least we have an idea now about what we need to do when we get packed up in 9 weeks.

I am so excited to come home. It's all becoming real and a bit scary now - we have so much to do. Hopefully by the time the wedding comes I will have somewhere to live and be feeling quite relaxed. I just need to get to get to the gym and be healthy for the next 9 weeks. I have made some healthy lunches - all prepared in the freezer for this week so I'm all set!

Luckily we start our term with 3, 4 day weeks. It's great - I could really manage a 4 day week and 3 day weekend every week. At least it's made coming back from a lovely holiday more manageable. I am trying to make the most of my time here. I am playing cello in a concert soon and have been practising my piano - as I am sure I'll be roped into playing for assembly in my new school. So far a very nice term!

Saturday, April 17, 2010

A bit scary

One thing that was quite scary when we were in Phi Phi was the threat of tsunami. I didn't want to write this until we were back so not to tempt fate! One morning we woke up and everyone was running. All the Thais were shouting tsunami. It was really horrible and my heart was thumping. We grabbed all our personal stuff, put on trainers and started to go up to the high areas. Luckily the police confirmed that it was a false alarm. But it took me a while to calm my racing pulse!

The problem with Phi Phi is that it's just a sand bank so was totally destroyed in the previous tsunami. The Thais are understandably very nervous about it happening again especially after the Indonesian earthquake the week before when there was an official siren and evacuation. Their relatives call them whenever they hear of an earthquake in the region (which happens quite often with no bad effects) and it starts a panic.

I must admit that the whole time it was in the back of my mind. It does seems that they have very good warning systems in place and the chances are that everyone would be able to get to safety but I was a bit nervous.

Pics, pics, pics...

Holiday end

We're back in Ho Chi Minh after the most lovely holiday. Railay is definitely the most beautiful and relaxing place that I have ever been to. It was so unspoiled with not much to do except relax. The sunsets were beautiful. On Thursday they were celebrating Song Kran - Thai new year where they throw water over everyone and put a paste on your face. I was given a garland of flowers to wear.

The past couple of days we spent in a resort. It had so many pools and was a bit of a maze. I definitely prefer the little beach places but it was good to see the other side of Phuket. On to wedding and relocation planning - only ten more weeks to the big move! Enjoy the pics...

Sunday, April 11, 2010

View from my beach spot today...


We are in Railay now. After arriving on the big boat, we were transfered into a little long boat and had to jump off into the sea with our suitcases as we got to the cove. It's part of the mainland but is hidden in a little cove. I think the guide book is right - it is definitely the most beautiful, unspoilt area of Thailand that I have seen. It is very relaxed with lots of nice little restaurants along the most amazing beach. The sand is so soft and yellow and the sea is a lovely 30C. It's still a bit too hot for me - as always but I am embracing the sweatiness and enjoying relaxing. I had a lovely massage this afternoon after sitting on the beach in the morning. If you look carefully at the picture of the monkey there is a little baby to the right. There was a whole big family of them playing in the trees on the way to the beach - very cute!

Friday, April 09, 2010

Koh Phi Phi

I am still loving Thailand, despite not doing much more than sleeping and eating. I discovered they have smarties here - so much for the wedding dress diet! We're in Koh Phi Phi now. A little sand bar in the middle of two islands. It's very relaxed but quite expensive by Thailand standards. I hope the pictures work as I can't reduce them.

We went diving yesterday and the water was so clear. I am proud that I spotted the most creatures so I am going to list them here: leopard shark, lion fish, giant moray eels, clown fish (Nemo), a big octopus, seahorses, trigger fish, needle fish, cuttle fish (with blue lights on), angel fish, a big jelly fish and so many more reef creatures. Well done if you didn't skip my list!

We're moving on to Railay tomorrow - I think it's a place on the mainland (Gareth is my tour guide) but you can only get there by boat. In the guidebook it says it might be the most beautiful place in Thailand. I hope that's true! Updates soon...

Sunday, April 04, 2010


At last it is holiday time. I can't write much because this keyboard is in Thai and I can't find any of the keys, so I hope this can be read!

I have never been so frazzled in teaching before this term. Everyone was stressed and snappy and we ended our week with a parents' evening, followed by setting up an exhibition the next morning, taking it down again the same day, before ending the night with another parents' evening. It was just too much. Applying for jobs too is very time consuming and stressful, especially when you get nothing back. I just hope it will all work out for the best. At least I have a better perspective on things after 20 hours of sleep last night and today.

Phuket is lovely. So relaxing. Just had a lobster salad lunch and we plan to swim in the sea before dinner. Hooray for holiday!