Friday, July 28, 2006


We´ve been really busy since we´ve been back. We went to dinner at our friends´ house when we got back to the city. The next day we went off to San Luis Potosi. A nice town to stop off through but not much to do. We were happy just wondering about and relaxing.

Now we´re in Zacatecas - a gorgeous colonial mining town. Yesterday I faced two of my fears - heights and small spaces. We took a ride in a cable car. It was a bit wobbly and very fast. Then walked down to visit an old silver mine. We had to take a lift deep into the ground then walk through the tunnels. It was actually quite roomy and well lit so I felt. Today we´ve been to some great art museums. One had the biggest canvases I have ever seen. I just couldn´t take in the whole picture it was so huge.

Tonight we have a 12 hour journey to Chiuahua where we can start our train journey through the Copper Canyon!

Sunday, July 23, 2006

Back in Mexico

It was really sad saying goodbye to everyone before coming back to Mexico. You can see from the photos we all look a bit sad leaving Guernsey. However, now I'm back here it's really nice to rest and sleep in my own bed. When we got in our house seemed massive after living from a suitcase for 4 weeks.

I have been gardening as the weeds have gone a bit crazy now it's the rainy season. I bought 3 new roses and another flowery plant which I don't know the name. It's really exciting to see all the plants shoot up after being away for a while!

Now we're all packed up again- off to San Luis Potosi tomorrow on our way up to the Copper Canyon. I am very proud of myself as I have packed really light. I can't wait to do some travelling.

Sunday, July 16, 2006

Wedding Day

Sam and Nick were married yesterday and had their reception in Herm Island. The weather was amazing, the food fantastic and Sam looked bloody amazing in her dress. It was very romantic and perfectly timed - no waiting about like alot of other weddings. Great!

Friday, July 14, 2006

Victoria Tower

Feeling very very hungover (crazy hen night the night before) I climbed up Victoria Tower. The views were amazing. Guernsey is so beautiful. Had a fantastic meal out. Great seafood - cured any signs of a hangover. Thank God!

Guernsey Pictures

Wednesday, July 12, 2006


Despite a miserable day of weather on the day we flew in it has been really warm and sunny the rest of the time and is set to be beautiful for my mate's wedding. Hooray!

On Tuesday I did admin stuff like getting my passport sorted and going to the doctors. Now that's all over I feel a sense of relief and am totally relaxed. Me and mum have been swimming twice - well I dipped in and out as it was bloody freezing and she swam. We went to see Grandma and Grandad where I ate three cakes - so much for the get thin quick for the wedding diet. Bev came over with baby Ethan and I had lots of cuddles. I have never seen a teething baby before and he was eating everything. He even mauled my knee (see photo) with shrieks of pleasure - a strange experience. He is super cute!

Sunday, July 09, 2006


Yesterday I felt so bloated and unhealthy. It was horrible. I have just had a week of non-stop going out every night and drinking alcohol that my body was rebelling at last. We had to do one more out yesterday. We went for drinks and a curry with Gareth's cousins. It was really nice and the curry was amazing but I am so glad its over. I just was to flush my body out with water and do some exercise.

Today we're having a rest - reading the papers and listening to music. Lovely! I am all packed as we are off to Guernsey tomorrow. I can't wait I just hope the weather cheers up for Sam's wedding and so that we can laze on the beach and have bbqs in the garden.

Saturday, July 08, 2006

So, so, so tired...

Today I woke up exhausted and spent the rest of the day feeling shattered. It has been a fun-packed two weeks (I can't believe it's flown by so quickly) but now it's all getting a bit over-whelming. I hardly ever drink at home and here I've had a couple of glasses of wine almost every night. I really feel like it's playing havoc on my skin and insides. I need a rest!
We went to the Hayward Gallery to see an exhibition on surrealism - very cool. Then we popped over to Greenwich and saw our old house, old pub and the Cutty Sark. I felt really sad going back there and wanted to buy the flat for sale in our old block. In the evening we had dinner in Canary Wharf and then drinks at London Bridge. Great but I was so glad to get some sleep.
We're off to Guernsey in Monday - I am so excited. We will really be able to relax and do all the good summer holiday things!

Thursday, July 06, 2006

What a Looser!

I have been a big looser today. We left Leamington - where Gem lives after popping into her school to say goodbye. It was pissing with rain and thundering like mad. We managed to get the bus to Coventry on time and everything was going swimmingly until about an hour later I looked in my bag and there were Gemma's bloody house and car keys. I was so annoyed with myself. The only answer was to miss our bus to London and return with the keys. It all worked out in the end. We hopped in a taxi and sped back to Leamington, returned the keys to Gem, then got a train back to London. A big waste of time and money, all my fault and very annoying. We got back in the end. I feel shattered but it all keeps coming - more going out tomorrow. I can't wait for our relaxing trip to Guernsey.

Wednesday, July 05, 2006

Night out in Leam

Bit weird being out and about in my old uni haunt. Leamington has changed very little and I keep expecting my friends to walk round the corner.

Gem and I walked into her school to meet all her teacher friends this morning. Then when Gem was done we went shopping - my account is really suffering now. In the evening we went off for drinks and dinner. We had fun chatting and walking through the park afterwards.


Here we are at Gemma's house! Last night we had some champagne to celebrate Gemma's promotion. She was really chuffed - she had to have an interview yersterday - and is now in the senior management team. We then had a bit of a girly night while Gareth watched the football.

This morning Gemma got me up dead early so I could see her school. On the way back I picked up croissants, coffee and papers for Gareth who was still lazing in bed.

Monday, July 03, 2006

Blood Brothers

We went to see Blood Brothers today. I had seen it before with my mum but didn't really remember it. Anthony out of boy-band Blue was in it. I thought he would be crap but the whole cast were excellent and got a standing ovation. I just loved it!

I also managed to do more shopping. My bank account is not sure why but I had fun anyway. Off to see Gem tomorrow. I'm really excited!

Sunday, July 02, 2006

In the garden

We've been lazing about in the sun, or actually in the shade, today out in the garden. It's really beautiful - I want my garden to look like this!

Sunday Lunch

Just had a lovely Sunday lunch. I had steak and ale pie out in a sunny pub garden. Can't get much better than that! Gareth has a great big family. We took up 4 tables and they weren't even all there. Planning on having a nap this afternoon.