Friday, July 30, 2010


We've been having lots of fun filling our new place with wedding presents this week. Everyone was so generous and our house is starting to feel like we can live in it now. I have bought lots of cooking and baking things - hopefully I won't get too fat in the process of using them all!

Tuesday, July 27, 2010

Day after the wedding

We had a fun breakfast after the wedding. A much needed fry-up for some! It was sad to say goodbye to everyone after a lovely weekend but it was so nice to spend some time in Lewes with just Gareth. We had a nice meal and a coffee in the town.

Weding Day

This picture was when Lex and I found ourselves alone just before leaving for the wedding. We decided to pop the champagne out of the window. It was a very funny moment as it bounced off the umbrellas below. Luckily the people drinking outside saw the funny side! Before the shower and make-up!I don't have any pics on my camera in my dress, as I was obviously quite busy during the wedding day, but I did take some snaps in the morning. After taking good advice from my bridesmaids to look at the sky and take in the day when I woke up, I took some pictures of myself and out of my window in the morning. I felt really peaceful and so excited to be marrying Gareth.

Staying in Lewes

Before our wedding on the weekend we stayed in Lewes. I chose Lewes as I thought it would be nice to be able to mooch around little cafes and antique shops before the wedding. It was a gorgeous little holiday town with a river through the middle. It was a really lovely place to relax the day before our wedding. Gareth and I bought a lovely towel rack from one of the antique shops on the day after the wedding.

Saturday, July 17, 2010

New house, new car, new job...

We have been madly busy now for 2 weeks getting a place to live, a car and jobs. It felt so great last night to finally sleep in our new place. We put up our new furniture from IKEA and I broke a nail and got a blister - not great when I get married in a week. The blue cabinets are bought by Grandma and Grandad with their wedding money to us. I love them and think they look quite French with the white bed.

I am quite excited about the wedding now but still can't quite get my head round that it will be happening this time next week. I really hope it all goes well. Fingers crossed...