Friday, November 23, 2007

Posh night out

Went to a really smart do last night. It was the tenth anniversary of our school. It's quite a cool story: the guy who founded the school couldn't find anywhere for his daughter to be taught English so just opened a school with 10 students. There are now more than 2000 pupils - he must be pretty chuffed with himself! I had to put on a cocktail dress and heels so I felt a bit glam. The parents didn't recognise me - I must look really crap at school everyday! Anyway it was at the Sheraton - the poshest hotel in Saigon and there were Japanese drummers and a jazz band, champagne and speeches. All very nice. We went for cocktails on the roof where we could see most of the city and the rivers - beautiful view. I was so tired and was tucked up in bed by ten. Gareth rolled in a bit later and is still in bed now. I think he might be nursing a bit of a hangover. I will post pictures when I can get some from friends. Now I must stop wasting time and proof read other people's reports and try to finish writing my own. BORING!

Sunday, November 18, 2007

Lovely spa day

Not posted for ages as it has been so crazy at work. Last week we had out year one production which of course went fine but was very stressful getting 100 5 year olds to stand, say, dance when you want them to. They had the cute factor so it was all fine. Now I have reports to write and they are really hefty. I went in on Saturday to write all day then had my hair cut as a treat and today went to an amazing spa.

We were picked up in a vintage car then taken for 5 hours of massage and facial treatments. I could hardly walk or speak by the end I was so relaxed. We then had a lovely lunch by the pool and chilled out on the couches. It was such a good way to start my week. I feel ready to face school again!

Sunday, November 04, 2007

Halloween Party

Had a great night last night. It was Laurie's birthday and we went as the ghostbusters to her halloween party. Made some excellent costumes very cheaply from the junk market. Loved getting all dressed up!