Tuesday, June 28, 2011

Mum and Dad pictures

This morning we went to see Rosie and Gemma after popping into school. Rosie got hold of Rebecca's foot and gave it a really good pull to see how far her leg would stretch. Luckily we caught her in time before pulling it right off! This afternoon we went to our neighbour's house to meet her and her new baby. She has just moved to Derby from Ireland. It's nice to have someone else new to the area to meet up with. I can't wait for Gareth to be on holiday soon. It will be so nice to have some extra help. I love this picture of me and Rebecca. She's developed a little spike of hair that sticks right up - very cute!

Monday, June 27, 2011

Playing with friends

This morning we walked to the clinic to get weighed. Rebecca is now 9lbs 13oz, so a good weight gain again. She did wee all over the weighing scales and all the paper towels ready for other babies so I had to apologise and will be more prepared next time. She filled the scales so even her hair was wet. She had to have a bath as soon when she got home. At lunchtime Rebecca's baby friends came to our house. It was the first time that all four babies were in one place. They are all one week apart. They were really busy on their own schedules - eating, sleeping and filling their nappies. I don't think they even noticed one another. We had fun eating cream scones and chatting. A lovely afternoon!

Saturday, June 25, 2011

5 weeks old & using my voice

Sleeping anywhere but in a cot

Rebecca loves to be looking about and finds it hard to sleep in the day and gets a bit overtired. She likes to be sat up, carried or playing on her mat. She can entertain herself for ten minutes or so. I do try and chat to her and play with her lots but I think sometimes she gets a bit sick of my attention and wants some alone time. I can't complain about her lack of daytime sleep, because she can settle herself really well at night. But it does mean that she ends up sleeping anywhere other than her cot in the day - wherever she eventually passes out.

Wednesday, June 22, 2011

1 month old

Today Rebecca gave me a few really big smiles. I think they were intentional because she was looking right at me and copying my expressions. It was cute anyway! I can't believe that she's already a month old. This week we're trying to get her to take a bottle so that Gareth can do a feed but after a brilliant first bottle she's become very fussy and is not liking it at all. Hopefully she'll get there with some perseverance.

Tuesday, June 14, 2011

Home alone

It's our first week at home without any other help and because Rebecca is so relaxed it's been great so far. Yesterday I had to take the car to the garage, so it was the first time putting up the pram. I am pleased we returned the one we bought originally as the one we have now is fantastic. Rebecca was a star. Even though she was awake she didn't cry at all and enjoyed the car and pram ride. We had fun paying in the conservatory in the afternoon. It was nice and warm so she had a kick around without her clothes. Unfortunately she always likes to wee at the same time. Today we had a morning walk to the post office and round the block. We played on her mat in the afternoon and now, at last, she's having a rest. Hopefully, as she's been up for most of the day, she'll sleep well tonight.

Saturday, June 11, 2011

3 weeks old

Rebecca is growing and changing so fast. This week we had mum to stay. Rebecca loved getting lots of extra cuddles. Rosie and Gem came by during the week and Rosie was a very gentle big cousin, with only a little bit of baby frustration at times.
Rebecca is sleeping better at night time - she now goes to bed at about half 10 and sleeps through until about 4am with one wake up. It gives me just enough rest. I do need to start napping in the day though as by the afternoon I am feeling shattered.She still loves her milk and feeds non-stop all afternoon.
She is enjoying playing on her mat and is able to lift her head right up. She pushed up on one arm today too, after getting up to play at 4 in the morning. She likes looking in her mirror and plays really well on her mat.

Saturday, June 04, 2011

Out with friends

I went out on my own with Rebecca to visit her two friends. She was very relaxed and slept the whole time, except for a feed. It was so hot and I think it knocked her out. I am feeling a bit sad as Gareth goes back to work on Monday and I will really miss him being around. I think he's a bit sad too, not being able to spend as much time playing. At least he only has 5 more weeks, then we have a lovely long summer together. On the up side mum comes on Monday to give us a hand - it's about time she met Rebecca and I am sure she is very excited too!

Thursday, June 02, 2011

Lots of playing

We've been trying out Rebecca's new toys. She is starting to get more coordinated with her hands and likes to touch the toys. She is quite alert and is beginning to focus on close things and look a bit less cross-eyed. She really enjoys looking at our faces. Today we've been reading books and singing - she just stares at my face, so cute! She's also been doing a bit of sleeping - thank god as yesterday was frantic. She fed all day non-stop. Apparently they do have a growth spurt at about 2 weeks so it's probably something to do with that. She did sleep well at night again though so I really can't complain.