Thursday, June 24, 2010

Sad goodbyes

My wonderful Year 1 team!
I couldn't even speak last night as we had our leavers goodbyes. I felt so sad to leave such a fantastic staff. I love the kids at this school and the parents are so supportive. I just hope I can find half as good a job in the UK and I will be very happy.

Saturday, June 19, 2010

End of Year Hawaiian Bash

Here are some pics of me with my lovely teachers, TAs and cleaners at our school do. It was really fun. The school band played and there was lots of dancing. The prize draw went down really well as always with the Vietnamese staff who went crazy for the microwave and coop vouchers. As you can see from the pictures the Vietnamese are tiny. From looking at these, I can understand why I have been feeling like a big, fat heifer since I have lived in Vietnam and I'm actually quite slim at the minute!

The packers cam to take away all out stuff this morning. They were so good and packaged everything up safely. It was a bit weird when they took it all away. We now have an empty house and just two suitcases to pack up next weekend. Now it's all gone I am feeling really excited, something that I haven't been able to feel with all the stress of packing. I will officially be a resident of the UK again in a week - wooohooorrraaaaghh!

Wednesday, June 09, 2010

Busy weekends and getting ready to move...

I have had 2 very jam-packed weekends. Last weekend we were in Hoi An with some friends. It's a beautiful, Chinese-looking city renowned for being able to have clothes made in less than 12 hours. We cycled all over the place on old-fashioned bikes with a big basket and no gears and shopped like mad! I had a lovely winter jacket made and a few tops. I bought lovely silver jewelery for all my bridesmaids and Gareth had some nice shirts done for school.
The previous weekend Gareth did his first triathlon. He loved it of course and did really well. I forgot my camera so unfortunately have no snaps of his achievements.
I have been to and from town the past couple of evenings having my hair cut, getting photos printed, pictures framed and clothes altered in preparation for coming home. I just realised that we are shipping next weekend and need everything done before then! Although it seems close it's still dragging by - I suppose I am so excited about being back home. Lots to look forward to...