Sunday, December 30, 2007

Back in Sydney

I can't believe how quickly our holiday is passing by. It's been really hard to put on photos as everything seems to shut here over Christmas holidays. I thought the cities would be more like London or New York but there is a really small-town feel. It really is like being back in Guernsey but with good weather.

I just got here with plans to put on photos but forgot my camera lead so I'll have to put them on another time. We had a great time in Melbourne. We went out for a goodbye meal with Gareth's mate down by the beach after spending the day at the botanical gardens. It's boiling hot now around 40C. I really don't feel cold anymore! We flew into Sydney yesterday very early so went into town for lunch then had a nap in our hotel. We met up with our friends from Vietnam to go to a moonlight cinema in the park. We all had big beanbags and a picnic. A very good evening.

Today we're at Bondi beach and plan to take a walk around the area. Tonight it's New Year's Eve so we're going out for a meal with our friends then off to see the famous firework display over the opera house.

Thursday, December 27, 2007

Yesterday Mike - Gareth's friend took us for a drive along the Great Ocean Road. We went to a golf course to see some kangaroos, saw some koalas in the trees along the way- they are so cute but really lazy, swam in the freezing sea and saw the 12 apostles (the rocks in the picture). It was a great day out and really relaxing. It was good to see a bit more of Oz than just the cities.The pictures below are from when we went to the zoo. At last it's been a bit hotter and we had a scorching Boxing Day walking around seeing the animals.

Sunday, December 23, 2007

Bad start to the holiday

We're now in Melbourne. I've not been able to put on any blog stuff because I have been in bed most of the time. I came down with tonsilitis (not sure how to spell it) and have been in bed most of the holiday. It's so depressing when you're in such an amazing country not to be able to see it. So Gareth has been sight seeing alone. I managed to walk through the park so there are a couple of pictures! I took myself to the doctors and he gave me a load of drugs so I feel a bit better today and am out of bed. Hopefully I will feel even better for Christmas day tomorrow. We're off out with Gareth's mate today. He picked us up from the airport yesterday andtreated us to croissant at his apartment where we met his Australian wife. Looking forward to actually doing something today! It's very very cold here - hoping for warm weather next week. I should have brought my winter clothes.

Pictures of Sydney

Thursday, December 20, 2007


This is such a beautiful city. We arrived yesterday morning but were shattered from the flight so didn't see too much. We got up early today to go and see all the major sights. We walked down to the harbour to see the bridge and opera house. It was cool to see such famous sites on real life! It was a really overcast day only about 20C but we were really relieved to have a bit of cool weather the heat in Ho Chi Minh is unbearable at the moment. We did a bit of shopping this afternoon. I was so pleased to sit down at the end of the day we did so much walking my feet were killing me. I fell straight asleep. I'm trying to put on some photos but the computers here are really crap and have no way of reducing images. I will put some more on tomorrow!

Monday, December 17, 2007

Christmas in the heat

I went off to the dentist yesterday and thought I'd take some pictures of where I live. This is the park right by our house. I thought the Santa display was quite funny as it was blazing hot and about 30C. They love the snow theme and it really doesn't work well with the weather.

Sunday, December 16, 2007

More Photos

On Holiday!

Finally the term has come to an end. It's been a bit of a slog. We went out over the weekend had a few drinks and nice meals out. Now I'm feeling really shitty with a runny nose and cold. I always come down with something at the end of term. I'm very excited about going off to Australia on Tuesday! I promise there will be loads of photos from now on. I'm taking my camera out tonight so I can start putting more pictures here!

Saturday, December 08, 2007

Christmas Weekend

We had our Christmas party on Friday for school. It was really nice to see everyone outside of school and catch up - I am so busy in the day I never get to stop and chat. Then on Saturday and Sunday (just about to leave for it!) I had my choir performance. The Saturday night went really well so I'm hoping we can pull it off again today. Getting in the Christmas mood. Only one more week of school - making angels and Father Chrismases - then we're off to Australia. Very excited!