Saturday, August 18, 2007

Home in Vietnam

We're finally all settled in. Our flat is lovely with 2 big bedrooms both with king-sized beds (I just love that). We live right in the heart of town. School is working us very hard and I was shattered by the end of the week. We have joined a gym and managed to get internet connected at home so we feel pretty productive. Had my fair share of Vietnamese food which is amazing! The people are lovely. It feels very safe and they just want to chat to practice their English. Here are some photos of our flat. I will try to add some of school and the city over the next week.

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Sameranda said...

Ant!! Love the flash pad, it looks gorgeous! I'm so pleased to hear from you, via the old blogsite, and to hear that all is good in Nam!

We are all fine in Gsy, just off in a minute for lunch with Rachel, Fran & Cahterine who are both over for the week for Sue & Laurie's wedding on Sat! Sorry you're not going to be there but I know you have a lot on! xxx