Friday, November 23, 2007

Posh night out

Went to a really smart do last night. It was the tenth anniversary of our school. It's quite a cool story: the guy who founded the school couldn't find anywhere for his daughter to be taught English so just opened a school with 10 students. There are now more than 2000 pupils - he must be pretty chuffed with himself! I had to put on a cocktail dress and heels so I felt a bit glam. The parents didn't recognise me - I must look really crap at school everyday! Anyway it was at the Sheraton - the poshest hotel in Saigon and there were Japanese drummers and a jazz band, champagne and speeches. All very nice. We went for cocktails on the roof where we could see most of the city and the rivers - beautiful view. I was so tired and was tucked up in bed by ten. Gareth rolled in a bit later and is still in bed now. I think he might be nursing a bit of a hangover. I will post pictures when I can get some from friends. Now I must stop wasting time and proof read other people's reports and try to finish writing my own. BORING!

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