Saturday, January 16, 2010


I have made a really good start to the new year. As you can see from the pictures I have grown my nails. I usually break them at school gluing and cutting out etc. then don't look after them, but this year I am determined to keep them looking nice. I have also been to the gym every weekend and a bit during the week and am sort of eating healthily (had a big blow out yesterday with crisps, cheese and sweets but it was Friday!). Gareth is away on a school trip next week so I will make lots good, healthy food - as he doesn't usually like the healthy stuff I cook.

(not sure why the pics are so small!)
Now I am really on track to organising the wedding. I have checked up on my dress and it seems to be coming. We are trying to organise bridesmaid dresses - thanks to Gem being my personal wedding planner. It's really exciting that most of the people I thought might not be able to come to our wedding are able to make it. I am so happy! I haven't really been excited about it before now but I am starting to feel it a little. I am sure I will really get into it once we have both found jobs and feel a bit more settled about the future.

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