Saturday, March 20, 2010


I thought I would get baking - in honour of my friend who has been baking cupcakes like a crazy thing to raise money and awareness of Ovarian Cancer. She did a really good job and raised lots of money. Good work! Also my lovely opposite door flat mate and I are having a bit of a swap shop lending things backwards and forwards and it was about time I returned a favour after Liv bought me some quinoa (I know posey health food - Mum and Gem you should get eating it!). Gem I can't wait till we can bake again once we're back in Derby - our house this time so Tim can't complain about me making a mess!

Went out last night till quite later than we normally do. Just woke up at half 10! It was fun to be out with Gareth and we went for a lovely meal followed by a friend's leaving party. I think I will have take-in all day today - hooray!

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Sue's Stitches said...

Forget the quinoa - give me a cup cake. They look delicious!!!