Tuesday, August 31, 2010

Being domestic goddess

As part of my mission to convince Gareth that I would be better off at home every day, rather than at work, and in order to appreciate and make the most of my last days of holiday; I have been busy baking, cleaning, tidying and generally getting organised at home. I go back to work on Monday and after a nine week holiday it will be a real shock to the system. Today I got all my paperwork sorted - who knew that changing my surname would be so complicated? Anyway here are a few pics of my accomplishments today. I am especially proud of my hugely tall loaf of bread (too much yeast?).
The entrance to our cosy, little upstairs apartment (I just chopped a load off this tree as it kept hitting us in the face as we came up the path):Chocolate cake mmmmmmmm:Mega-bread:

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