Tuesday, February 01, 2011

Silly pictures

We really haven't done much for the past few weeks that has involved taking pictures so here are a couple we took today. One of the pictures makes my bump look massive but after my measurements today I am exactly in the 50th percentile. So very average as usual. Gareth made me do the silly face. He thinks it's funny...
We've been super busy on the weekends. Last weekend we went to Chuckle Butties -a kids' play cafe where we could relax on the sofas while one of us went off with Rosie to go on the slides or in the cars etc. It's a great idea.

This week we've been sorting house stuff. I keep having nightmares every night - I think it's anxiety about having a baby and also moving house. I feel quite relaxed during the day, but there is so much to organise we are quite busy all the time. I think subconsciously it's getting to me a bit. I had a lovely afternoon today after my midwife appointment I went for a walk - it was so good to be out in the sun and not at all cold. I hope that means spring is on the way!

I am really looking forward to our Guernsey holiday. Just two more full weeks at school including Maths Week and my class assembly to get through and we'll be there - on the beach, going for walks and drinking chocolate milkshake at Christie's!

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