Monday, May 30, 2011

Week 2

I can't believe Rebecca is already 1 week old! She is still being really content and calm. I hope this continues as she is just lovely to be with as she always tells us what she wants without crying too much. We are now getting a bit more organised and feel like we have a bit of routine for her.
Gareth's mum and dad came to visit on the weekend and totally spoilt her with more gifts. The picture is of her on her new play mat which she totally loves.
We went out to visit her little friend Samuel today. It was terrifying going in the car for the first time but she was totally relaxed and slept all the way. She had a change and a feed out and about and it wasn't too traumatic at all. Now I've done it once I feel confident to go out on my own now. So I'm going to try out some of the mum and baby classes in Mickleover next week.

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