Wednesday, August 15, 2012

A busy summer

We have had a busy summer. Gareth has been amazing by getting up early and coming along, or taking Rebecca to her activities as I get to the end of my pregnancy. Rebecca is becoming a real little character. She is enjoying playing with other children and has developed a cheeky little laugh, that she mainly uses to charm her grandparents. Sher is getting more independent and likes to brush her teeth, change her baby, use a spoon and fork and she loves her new shoes.
We've had lots of visitors from around the world and have been down to London a couple of times. We have seen lots of Rosie and Finley and once the weather improved spent time outdoors in the parks and gardens nearby.
Rebecca was quite unwell with hand, foot and mouth disease. The one upside of this was that she stopped sucking her thumb completely after it blistered so badly. Looking back on the pictures I can see how poorly she was.
 At home:

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Love love love the new blog layout! Much easier to look back on older posts xx