Saturday, October 13, 2012

September 2012

Rebecca and I did lots of playing out and about to make the most of it before Chloe arrived. Rebecca is getting really brave at the park and likes to climb up the slide on her own. She loves standing at the top and looking across the park.
Chloe is very easy at the moment. She just comes along to all Rebecca's activities and mainly sleeps. She is very calm and doesn't cry much at all, except when she's hungry. She's growing really quickly and is already wearing sleepsuits, at 5 weeks, that Rebecca wore at 3 months.Rebecca loves her little sister and is fascinated with her. She even gave her Bunny the other day - that is true love! She does tend to wake her up, but Chloe is getting better and ignoring her.
Rebecca is getting really grown up. She loves to walk and is getting on well with her reins. She likes playing with all Chloe's toys and gets straight into her chair the minute Chloe is out.

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