Wednesday, February 06, 2008

Little India

Last night we watched Sweeny. I love both Tim Burton, Johnny Depp and musicals so a great film for me but grusomely gorey! We spent the morning taking a stroll (in 35+C heat) round little India. I was a little sweaty! It was cool to see all the beautiful saris and scarves as they pumped out bollywood music at full volume in the markets. We saw some cool buildings. I just love the architecture here. We have a lazy afternoon by the pool then I watched a chick-flick in the bedroom and took a bath, while Gareth went to the gym (too active for me but I did manage to go yesterday). We're going for a meal in an old mansion then a few drinks tonight on a rooftop bar. I think I will go for a massage tommorrow. I know I'm spoilt but I love a bit of pampering!

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