Sunday, February 24, 2008

Quiet Weekend

Had a busy week - it seems like ages ago I had my assembly. It went really well and all the parents were really pleased - that's the main thing. It's really stressful having the people you really have to prove yourself to watching every move you make. Anyway that's out the way until the next one next term!

I am really excited for Seonaid's wedding and catching up with everyone in Guernsey and London. I am on a massive health kick as being in Vietnam and eating take-away every night isn't the best way to keep slim. We went to the gym this afternoon after a lovely lunch on the park so I feel quite pleased with myself. I came home and cooked up some veggies and chicken for school lunches so hopefully this is going to be a good week! I have been very well behaved this weekend. I went to the orphanage on Saturday morning after a quiet night in on Friday then we watched a film (Juno - very good!) last night so I have has a totally alcohol free weekend. I now just have to motivate myself to get to the gym. We'll see!

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