Sunday, March 16, 2008

Ahhhh so cute!

Hang (our friend from Mexico) is over in Vietnam to see her family. It was great to catch up and see how much her little baby has grown. See is so cute and loves playing with anyone. She is really beautiful - all the best features from mum and dad. Maz and Ben got in some practice as their baby will be here soon! Marc - the baby's dad is over this week and it's Ben's 30th birthday coming up so the weekend might be a big one. It's all so exciting.
One more weekend until we go back to the UK. So busy at work I can't wait till our holidays. The kids are getting really cranky. I hope I have a better week than my last - they were all arguing or being so silly and my patience was running out.
I had a really good healthy week (trying to get in shape for Seonaid's wedding - it's good to have a goal). I have been eating super healthily - no take outs at all - and made it to the gym 5 times! A record for me. I'm actually enjoying it as I have loads of energy and feel wide awake. Had a great massage today - a gift certificate from one of my kids whose mum owns a spa. So good I booked in for another next weekend. Hopefully another good week ahead on the health front!

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