Sunday, March 09, 2008

Ho Tram Beach Weekend

We went down to the beach for a relaxing weekend. Did nothing but laze by the pool, eat and sleeep. It was really nice and I feel very well rested but very reluctant to go back to school. Only 2 more weekends now then we'll be on holiday again and back to the UK. We were freezing last night and had to put on thick jumpers. We looked at the temperature and it was 25C. We are going to seriously feel the cold back home!


Gem said...

yes you are going to be cold!!!! but all the dancing you do at seonaid's wedding will warm you up. The photos are amazing, looks very warm and peaceful, we are very envious! the photos of gareth are nice, he looks very handsome and the one of him on the swing looks like he is having fun!!! Boys, they are just big kids really! big hugs xxx

Gem said...

Hi ant, I wrote a really long message earlier and pressed 'send' and it disappeared!!! ragh!
Basically I said..
yes you will be cold
yes photos are lovely, we are VERY envious!!
Gareth looks rather handsome in the photos and looks like he is having far too much fun on the swings - men are really just big kids aren't they?!
big hugs, hope this works this time, nice to chat earlier. xxx