Sunday, April 20, 2008

Baaaahhhh jet-lag

Been back at school a week now. It's been really hard to kick the jet-lag and I had a horrible first day at school after only 2 hours sleep. We seem to back on track now and we only have another 7 days at school before we have another 5 day break!

Went out to Ben's (our deputy head) 40th birthday. I wish I had my camera as loads of people were out and it was a real good night. We started in a really nice bar - apparantly where Brad and Angelina hang out when they are here! It used to be a Buddhist temple and is a really amazing place - I will definitely be taking any visitors there. Later we went to La Havana - a Mexican place where they have live music. A good but messy night - especially when someone started buying tequilas. Had a great lunch in town I've eaten my body weight in noodles and pasta. I picked up my mum's painting (above) even got it hung up on the wall. I think it looks really good. Feeling like I have caught a cold now so I am wallowing in self pity while Gareth has run out of patience and is ignoring me!

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