Tuesday, April 01, 2008


Back in London and finally feeling like we're getting over jet-lag. It's such a horrible feeling. On Sunday I felt like I'd had a really heavy night out. It was great to be back though and meet up with Seonaid. She is really excited for her wedding this weekend and it gives me an excuse to get myself pampered and take it easy this week!
We went into ton yesterday to the Royal Academy of Arts and saw an exhibition of Art from Russian galleries. Was a bit rah-di-dah in the gallery! I think it was posh-old-ladies' day out. But the exhibition was good and we had a nice lunch and wonder about in the afternoon. I think we must have walked more than most people in London that day and my legs are aching this morning. However, we did sleep really well and woke up at a normal time - so I think we're over the jet-lag. Yey!
I promise I will stop being lazy and take some photos from now on.

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Sameranda said...

Not long now! Welcome back to the UK! xx