Friday, June 20, 2008

School's out celebrations!

Had a good night last night. We went to a party organised for the end of term - we have some really talented teachers who put on a bit of music. On Thursday we had our management dinner at the Sheriton buffet. The food is amazing, I ate tons of seafood, and it's free-flow wine all night. I was very well behaved and was the only one without a headache at school the next day.

We're almost at the end of term! I can't wait for holidays. I am so excited to go to Thailand. We plan to shop in Bangkok and meet up with my uni friend, Emma, who teaches there; walk through the mountains and temples in Chiang Mai; then scuba dive and drink cocktails on the beach. Yey!

We have another party tonight put on by the school for everyone who works there including guards, office people, cleaners... Apparantly the Vietnamese staff get quite drunk - as it's all free and they don't normally touch alcohol. Looking forward to getting dressed up, but I'm not sure how I'm going to do my third night out in a row.

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