Sunday, June 08, 2008

Almost holiday time

Just 3 more weeks of school. When I write it down it seems like a really long time left we are all ready for a holiday including the kids.  Been so busy with school stuff so not much news. Hopefully I should have lots of great pictures when we go traveling in Thailand. I'm so excited!

Been out shopping for house stuff and painting things this weekend. Seen some lovely furniture and think I'm going to splash out this week!  It's so cheap to pick up all the paints and canvases - about 20 quid for the lot. It's great! I am doing some stuff from Mexico - photos I took with a painting in mind and never got round to doing them.  It's nice to have a hobby and feel like I'm doing something other than work. It's very relaxing. 
Just bought this table runner thing to protect my cabinet that's getting scratched like crazy.
Here are my paintings part finished. I will be able to show finished pieces soon hopefully!

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