Tuesday, February 24, 2009

Quiet Weekend

This is poor Gareth at about 8 in the morning when I had a bit of a cleaning frenzy! He's sitting on all the piled up cushions and sofa covers. I was sweeping and mopping because baby Max was coming over and I was terrified that he would eat something off the disgustingly, mucky floor. We had a good play with Max. He really liked the game of crawling over and under all the coffee table frame and legs. He is very cute.
Wayne, Gareth and me at my birthday.
I had a really quiet one this weekend, after a crazy weekend the one before for my birthday. I popped to the Sheraton Hotel for birthday cocktails with some friends. I was craving their yummy pina coladas all day so I had a couple, but then was very good and took myself off home to bed. I got up bright and early and went to the gym so I was feeling very good. But later on I felt really rotten and was stuck at home with a dodgy stomach. I have been feeling really coldy since then. It's not fair - I should be feeling really wide-awake after a restful weekend but feel totally drained.

I'm looking forward to going to the beach not this weekend but the next. I'm planning on reading and sleeping alternately. Yey!

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DamoCat said...

Hey Ant, I hope that you're feeling better! Do you think that you should have had more pina coladas... might have killed off the cold before it hit.

Hope that you're well.

Cath :o) xx