Saturday, June 11, 2011

3 weeks old

Rebecca is growing and changing so fast. This week we had mum to stay. Rebecca loved getting lots of extra cuddles. Rosie and Gem came by during the week and Rosie was a very gentle big cousin, with only a little bit of baby frustration at times.
Rebecca is sleeping better at night time - she now goes to bed at about half 10 and sleeps through until about 4am with one wake up. It gives me just enough rest. I do need to start napping in the day though as by the afternoon I am feeling shattered.She still loves her milk and feeds non-stop all afternoon.
She is enjoying playing on her mat and is able to lift her head right up. She pushed up on one arm today too, after getting up to play at 4 in the morning. She likes looking in her mirror and plays really well on her mat.

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