Tuesday, June 14, 2011

Home alone

It's our first week at home without any other help and because Rebecca is so relaxed it's been great so far. Yesterday I had to take the car to the garage, so it was the first time putting up the pram. I am pleased we returned the one we bought originally as the one we have now is fantastic. Rebecca was a star. Even though she was awake she didn't cry at all and enjoyed the car and pram ride. We had fun paying in the conservatory in the afternoon. It was nice and warm so she had a kick around without her clothes. Unfortunately she always likes to wee at the same time. Today we had a morning walk to the post office and round the block. We played on her mat in the afternoon and now, at last, she's having a rest. Hopefully, as she's been up for most of the day, she'll sleep well tonight.

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