Thursday, August 25, 2011

13 weeks old

We've had a busy week. Our bathroom is now finished and Gareth has put up both stair gates. They are a bit of a pain but necessary especially as our stairs are so steep. Rebecca is getting really good at holding things now and reaches out to take a toy. She is talking a lot more and has managed a few little giggles. She has started rolling to her left and can travel in a full circle on her mat now. Every time we look away when we look back she is in a different place. I hope it's not too soon that she starts to roll right over and move about even more because it's so easy at the moment. She is also getting really good at bed time and sleeps through until 6am with one feed. She went to bed with her bottle from Gareth today at a record early time of half 7pm, which is good as I start orchestra soon and will need her to feed with her dad.


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