Monday, August 29, 2011

Friends to visit

This week Jenny came up to see us with her baby Jessica. She and Rebecca were so cute together although neither of them really acknowledged one another and spent most of the time sleeping. At least Jenny and I got to have a good chat.
On Sunday we had a BBQ with our NCT friends. It was so lovely to see everyone but again the babies mostly slept and didn't get a chance to play together at all!
Rebecca had a really bad night last night. She has been so good and seems to have gone back to newborn days of feeding every few hours. It's hard now that my brain had adjusted to waking up only once or twice.We think she could be teething as she is biting on everything, dribbles everywhere and has quite rosy cheeks. I hope it passes soon and she can sleep again, especially as Gareth is back to school tomorrow.

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