Sunday, January 07, 2007

Back to school

Gareth was just saying the other day how long the holidays felt. But suddenly it's all over too quickly again. Tomorrow is a normal day up at 7am. I know we have it easier than most people who get up much earlier but I love my sleep and have been getting up about lunchtime everyday this holiday. I know I'm a lazy sod. I have been going to bed quite late. I think tomorrow after a day with the kids I'll be tucked in before 9.

Whenever we go back to school we start talking about where we should go for our next holiday. I don't want to wish my life away but it is exciting. We're thinking about Cuba for a bit of a beach holiday and hopefully see the country before Castro dies.

We have heard back from some interested schools and have a telephone interview planned for the end of January. I have my fingers crossed for a few other schools that they will like our applications. I'm so glad they understand how costly and time consuming it would be to fly all the way to London (although we would be prepared to do it). I'm hoping other schools will be just as understanding.

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