Wednesday, January 31, 2007

Sore thumb

I have a sore thumb. It's gone really big and throbs like crazy. It's much bigger than the other one. Not sure what's wrong with it. I'm going to see if Gareth will do all the washing up and cooking tonight on account of the out-of-action thumb.

Having a good week. The weeks seem to be going quite quickly now after I got over the shock of having to come back after Christmas. I am still rubbish at getting out of bed and poor Gareth has to deal with my moaning. The kids are really crazy at the moment and I am becoming one of those out of control teachers and finding myself shouting to be heard over the craziness. We have a long weekend with the following Monday off school. I am really looking forward to sleeping in late. Hopefully that will calm the kids. Next week we are off on a school trip so hopefully they will behave as it's always embarassing being the teacher out with a crowd of horrible, noisy children.

Pie for dinner. Friday tomorrow. Hooray!

1 comment:

Sameranda said...

Ooooh, hope your thumb feels better soon. Wonder if its a splinter that's got infected?

Nice pictures, your mates look really lovely, and pissed!

Anyway have a good weekend!!