Friday, June 15, 2007

60's Night

Not been posting for ages because it's the end of term and everything is manic. The kids are tired and grouchy and really need a break. Just 4 more days!

We had our end of year concert last night which went down really well. It had a 60's theme and we had more than 300 kids singing and playing. We all got dressed up. I was really nervous to play the piano and messed up but no-one noticed because they were all looking at the kids. I'm glad it's over as it marks the end of my year but it was really sad when the head announced I was leaving - some of the parents were a bit shocked. I can't wait to get back home and chill in Guernsey. Not long now!


Sameranda said...

Not long now indeed! Hurrah!!

Gem said...

looking groovy baby yeah! Can't wait till London, shop shop shopping here we come! call me! (I never know when to call time wise) hugs, gemma x

Sameranda said...

No thats a beer!

SJ is indeed living here, she spends a lot of time studying and weekends away in Surrey with her boyfriend Mike so she can be quite elusive. She knows you're over in July though. When do you get over here?

Gem said...

congrats on last day of term!!!! (BITCH!) No not really love you sis but very envious! Only 4 weeks to go for me, can't wait to do bridesmaid dress shopping!!!!!! wohoooo!!!! Chat soon, are you away this week or staying at your house to pack? When do you actually leave Mexico? are you having a leaving doo?? update blog please with more photos xxxxxx