Tuesday, June 26, 2007

Sick sick sick

I feel like crap. I am aching all over and poor Gareth is getting sick of my groaning. I am so glad we didn't fly back last week - it's given me time to get sick (inevitable for me at the end of term) and then go back to London looking more healthy.

I am very excited to get my hair cut tomorrow. After having it butchered by some crap hairdresser who thought putting in layers involves having 2 separate haircuts - mullet style. I have been growing it our for ages and have been recommended a lovely lady who will do the job well. After that I'm meeting my friend for lunch so I really hope I'm feeling better.

Only 3 more sleeps till we're setting off for home!

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Gem said...

I'm sick at the moment too with a sore throat and runny nose (may be hayfever mixed with a cold...) I am too busy to stop either so won't get rid of it itll I actually relax (so pretty much end of term!) Reports suck... havbe just had them back to change some bits as they were too negative apparently. Ragh! And have so much end of term/year management and classroom stuff to do. Remind me why I am a teacher?