Sunday, September 02, 2007

Long weekend

Had an excellent weekend and I'm gutted it's over and we have to go back to school again! We came down to Mui Ne which is a little strip of beach in the South China Sea. The weather has been lovely - maybe a bit too hot and the sun is punishing. There are so many lobster-people about. Luckily Gareth and I are anti-sun and smother ourselves in factor 50.

On Saturday night we went out with a load of people from school. Great seafood BBQ on the beach then dancing and beer on cushions round a bonfire. Felt a bit worse for wear the next day and we just slept on the beach and round the pool. I really needed a good catch up on sleeping as it's been crazy since we started work.

Last night we went to the gala celebration at our hotel - it's independence day today. There was loads of traditional dancing that was very cool but it all went a bit eurovision as the cheesy singers appeared. I swear one of them was Michael Jackson straight out of the eighties. We had a laugh anyway. We're back on the bus after midday to go home and I will post some photos when we get back.

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