Friday, September 28, 2007

Good week

I've has such a good week. It's finally all getting easier at school. I feel like I know the system and am on top of things. I have finally gone through all the papers left from the last teacher and sorted out my classroom. The kids are starting to be more well-behaved. They are quite spoiled and I had to crack down on them as they just do their own thing and ignore you. Had a good day yesterday. We did art all day. We made bees from socks they look excellent and painted flowers on to rice paper then painted wooden dragon flies. The kind you can balance on the tip of your finger or nose. Love it!

We went out last night with Maz and Ben our friends from Mexico. We started at the Sheraton - which is very posh. We went to the top floor bar - where you can see across the whole city. I felt like I was on holiday. We had some good cocktails. We had a nice meal at the best tapas place I've ever been to. We had some wine then went to a really nice little bar. Woke up early and went to the bakery for croissants. So a good start to the weekend!

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Gem said...

when are you going to call me or update this???