Tuesday, September 25, 2007

Moon Festival

We had the moon festival celebrations today at school. A yearly budhist celebration - basically a harvest festival. We had to dress in the traditional Vietnamese costume - Ao dai - made of silk, very beautiful, but totally uncomfortable. The trousers come up really high and it's boiling hot in the sun. A dragon troupe came to perform. The dragons are great they even blink and open and shut their mouths. They were amazing acrobats. One guy climbed right up a pole and balanced at the top. The dragons are made from 2 people so they have to support one another when the dragon jumps up. The druming was amazing and the kids loved the day. The worst bit was moon cake. They are the traditional treat of the day and are very expensive. They are so heavy as they contain mostly dyed lard (green or yellow). Inside the cake you can have anything from beef, to bean curd or whole boild eggs and nuts. They are really weird and quite disgusting. We now have 3 boxes at home. Great!


Gem said...

you look very beautiful in your outfit xxx

DamoCat said...

Hi Ant, I agree with Gem you look lovely in your outfit! I love reading about your adventures. So glad that you're having a good time and getting loads done. Best wishes always. Cath x x