Saturday, January 26, 2008

Back again!

Been gone from here for a while as school has been so busy. Last week I had the kid's school production after school so I was late home 2 nights. I was so shattered by Friday I went to bed at half 6!

Had a great night last night - went to Australia day celebrations. You paid $40 and all food and drinks were included. We sat out in the sun drinking beer then danced all night. I really neede a good night out but I'm feeling a bit ragged today!

Also wnt to the orphanage yesterday morning. We had a laugh with the kids - they are so cute. But they were all a tired and sick with colds so they were quite hard work. I know the picture is not the best of me! But please bear in mind it's pushing mid 30C-40C at the moment and I was sweltering. Thought I'd put it in anyway.

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