Thursday, January 10, 2008

Poor me

Feeling very sorry for myself. I've only been back for 3 days at school and I'm already ill. I had to take the day off yesterday and today. I hate being at home ill - there's nothing to do and I can't go out. Anyway enough moaning!

I'm not trying to count away my days but we only have 3 more weeks until half term holiday. I know we are so spolit! We're planning our trip to Singapore and Kuala Lumpa. I'm very excited to visit Malaysia. From speaking to people who worked there last year they think it's great. Everyone speaks English and it looks beautiful from photographs.

Anyway I should get back to lying on the coach. Gareth has got me the new Ugly Betty series and I am halfway through 24 so lots of TV watching to get through. I will try to get out this weekend and put some photos on here!

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