Thursday, May 01, 2008

Melanie's Hen Night

Meant to put these pictures on ages ago but since we've been beack from the UK it's been really crazy! Last Saturday was Melanie's hen night (teacher in my team at school). We went for the most amazing buffet at the Sheraton - ate so much seafood! Then we met up with some other people in a very cheesy pub in town. Good night but had a killer headache the next morning. I was fit for nothing and ate take-out all day!
The first week back at school was a bit of a killer but made more positive by the fact that we only had to teach a 2 day week after that. So we've only been back at school for 7 days and we already have half term! Gareth and I decided to take it easy and stay in the city. A good choice as it's been really quiet while everyone else escapes. The weather has been rubbish so I'm glad we didn't waste money going to the beach.
We went to the orphanage yesterday. We walked in and a lady dumped a tiny baby on Gareth straight away. He looked really scared - the first baby he's ever held - but he did really well and got it to drink all the milk - even changed it's nappy. Played with the toddlers for a bit then both went hope feeling really minging - Gareth with puke and me with poo on my t-shirt. So much for doing good!

Had a massage yesterday and we're off to the Sheraton (me and Gareth) for the buffet again - a freebie from one of my kids. Planning to have cocktails on the roof-top tarrace then pig out all night! I will take some photos and put them on tomorrow.

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